Crag Dogs and the Rock Climbers who Love Them

It’s easy to see why dogs like to hang out with rock climbers: there’s always an outdoor adventure just around the corner; you get to go on epic car rides; the crash pads double as...

Dogs Without Borders: Volunteer Vacations to Help Pups in Need

Ah, vacation. New territory to explore, the sun at your back, no deadlines, rescued puppies romping at your feet - wait, what? You read that right. Volunteer vacations are steadily gaining popularity, and these days, there are plenty of ways to help pups in need while you get some R&R. We sniffed out a few destination organizations to help you earn your do-gooder badge next Spring Break.

Dog Gear Built To Last

At Atlas Pet Company, we understand the relationship you have with your best friend. Everything we do is driven by a passion for quality and an undeniable love for our own dogs. APC stands behind...

New Year, New Warehouse!

“Five years after quitting my job, I received the keys to the new home for Atlas Pet Company”- Sam Alter, Founder and CEO A Fresh Start With 2020 behind us, Atlas Pet Company, along the...

No More Missing Dogs: 7 Tips to Make Sure Your Dog Never Gets Lost Again

It’s every pet owner’s worst nightmare: you leave your dog alone in the yard for a few minutes, and when you go to the door to call him inside: silence. Or maybe you’re enjoying an evening stroll together when a truck rumbles past, your pup gets spooked, and he slips his collar in a moment of panic. The team here at Atlas Pet Co. knows exactly how you feel, so we put together the best tips to make sure you never lose your best friend out there in the wild.

3 More Perfect Road Trips to Take with your Dog

While we know that an extreme, Atlas-style adventure isn’t for everyone, we believe that every pup deserves an exciting journey to an undiscovered place with his person - even if it’s just for the weekend.

What Exactly is an E-Collar?

More and more, dog owners are turning to e-collars to keep their pups safe in the great outdoors. On one hand, it’s a brilliant solution - a hands-free device to summon your furry pal when voice command fails. On the other, we had concerns: is it safe? Is it humane?

3 Perfect Road Trips to Take with your Dog

There’s nothing like the thrill of a road trip - just pack your car, grab your mutt, and get adventuring! After countless miles logged with our canine copilots, the Atlas Pet Company team has compiled these expert recommendations for three unforgettable vacations to take with your pup.

The Atlas Guide to Camping with Dogs

Nothing beats getting back to nature with your beastly best friend - the crisp breeze in your fur, untouched trees to mark, hot dogs roasting over an open fire. It isn’t just a matter of packing some kibble and bringing the double-wide sleeping bag, though. With our expert tips, you and your pup will surely be happy campers.