The smallest & lightest dog bowl available.
girl pouring water for her brown dog drinking out of the white atlas pet company lifetime bowl on rocky overlook
atlas pet company lifetime bowl dyneema water bowl for active dogs
dog drinking out of the white atlas pet company lifetime bowl on rocky overlook with mountains on the horizon
atlas pet company lifetime bowl sitting on top of dyneema material in sunlight
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Lightweight & Leakproof

Using a seamless piece of Dyneema®, the world's strongest fiber, the Lifetime Bowl collapses to almost nothing and weighs less than a car key, allowing you to focus less on your gear and more on the adventure ahead.

dog drinking water out of the atlas pet company lifetime bowl on dirt road
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Small Batch Production

It takes hard work to pull people together and make better things. We craft everything by hand in small batches, turning premium materials into incredible products, with a small team proud of the work they do.

dog waiting for water out of the atlas pet company lifetime bowl in sandy beach
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Long Lasting Materials

When it comes to fabrics we take ours seriously, which is why the Lifetime Bowl is built to last. We know dogs have creative ways of destroying your favorite gear, so if anything ever happens we’re able to repair the Lifetime Bowl forever.

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Doug O. (Conway, US)
Less Is More!

This is the perfect water bowl for my 55 pound Golden Retriever for walks and trail hiking. It weighs next to nothing and folds to an uber compact size. I was using a large old school cloth/membrane lined bowl which was bulky, slow drying and would end up getting most everything in my backpack wet. The Lifetime Bowl dries quickly. I thought it was going to be too small from the web photos, but was surprised it's actually bigger than it appears to be. Less weight. Less bulky. Less is more. Wish I had bought this sooner than later. Well worth the investment.

Alan (Commerce City, US)
Great Bowl

We love this bowl! Super light, packable and durable. It’s easier than other brands to fold it back to original shape to pack down.

Jen P. (Denver, US)
We love our Atlas gear!

We got a lifetime bowl, lifetime harness and lifetime leash. The bowl is practically weightless yet truly functional, super for in the car since it does not roll around on the seat like a normal travel bowl. I keep it clipped to my bag always and it looks stylish yet unobtrusive. The harness is perfect for my mini sheepadoodle Jiyu, who is a puller. He would always run away when putting other harnesses on, plus they never looked comfortable coming up between his front legs, but this is great and he seems to move easily in it and it's very easy to put on. It is solid and does not slip around like the flimsier ones we had tried but also more flexible than some rigid ones we have. The leash is a satisfying weight and nice to hold. The poo bag pouch is also very stylish, out-of-the-way and convenient on the leash. I will definitely get more colors in the future. Jiyu and I are bigtime fans!

Carol M. (Santa Fe, US)
Just what I was looking for!

This sturdy compact water dish folds up and slips into my pack with my water bottle - light, easy and sturdy! Love it!

Ben P. (Chicago, US)
The Perfect Bowl for a Walk

I had one of those collapsible silicone bowls, but I would only grab it if I was really thinking about it because it was too heavy to just leave clipped to a leash. This one is always on the leash, so it’s always with my pup.

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