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Our story

atlas pet company about us early days header graphic with sam and atlas making leashes

From swimming in the California surf to hiking in the Colorado Rockies, my Labrador Retriever Atlas has been by my side. Our dissatisfaction with other leashes and collars has led us here, and after extensive prototyping and rigorous testing, we’re excited to share what we came up with. With APC, you can give your best friend the best gear—durable products that don’t cut corners on comfort. 

Our accessories are skillfully handcrafted with the best materials possible, meaning we can guarantee a lifetime of wear—without the tear. So plan another hike. Bring him to the beach. Get lost with her on your favorite trail. With us, you’ll never have to worry about their gear again. Pup chews through it? Just send it in. We'll fix or replace it as soon as we can. 

atlas pet company about us header illustration with vanlife and atlas pet company van driving through the wilderness

One of the reasons I named my dog Atlas was because I had taken a Gap Year in college to travel internationally and immediately became obsessed with exploring new places and seeing more of the world. I knew getting a dog would change that a lot, but I was also excited about seeing more of the United States, with Atlas by my side. When I started APC, one of the goals was being able to create a job that would let me leave the city and be closer to nature, spending time with my pup. After three years of very early mornings and very late nights, we pulled the trigger on a 4x4 Sprinter van to be converted into the ultimate adventure rig for life on the road. 

atlas pet company about us header illustration colorado mountain trees and clouds

After traveling over 35,000 miles through 40 states and 3 countries, we settled in Golden, Colorado and setup the warehouse to bring everything under one roof. We've invested into new sewing machines, rope cutting machines, and most importantly found a great group of individuals passionate about creating the best dog products possible.

atlas pet company about us page team illustration with apc team and their dogs

Sam Alter


When I'm not thinking about dog gear, I'm probably in the mountains. I've always been interested in traveling and trying new foods, but I'll blame my southern California upbringing for my unhealthy love for tacos.

atlas pet company about us wolcott jewett team photo in colorado with his silver lab mika

Wolcott Jewett


Wolcott was the only one that actually owned a climbing rope before joining the company to run the warehouse and customer support. His pup Mika is probably the sweetest of the shop dogs and is known to always be by Wolcott's side.

atlas pet company travis danforth and denali posing on the about us page

Travis Danforth


Travis was introduced to Sam and APC while living on the road in a Sprinter van. He now lives in Colorado and is ready to chase powder and explore the Rocky Mountains with his Australian Shepherd, Denali. Fun fact: Travis played in a band and has toured most of North America performing live.

pete rogers team photo atlas pet company

Pete Rogers


Pete runs our rope manufacturing and comes from North Carolina and has an appreciation for classic hip hop & southern rock. When he's not taking his pup Joe on hikes, he enjoys wood burning and football.