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Samantha S. (Boxborough, US)
Awesome addition

Awesome addition to my atlas walking kit. Works amazingly well for such a small items!

Jill T. (San Francisco, US)
Small yet functional

This is a laser cut soft fabric type holder. To be honest it is not what I was expecting but it is well designed and cool looking.

Ben P. (Chicago, US)
Incompatible With Non-Atlas Leashes

Great product. Not even a gripe, but a heads-up: if you’re planning on using this with a non-Atlas rope leash, double check the thickness of the rope. This little guy is definitely made to specifically fit the width of rope they use here. Also, make sure to attach it on the hand loop of your leash. If you attach it below on the line, the weight of a filled bag will make it scoot down the lead.

ajg (Monona, US)
Okay I guess

I like the idea but I live in a cold climate and it’s winter and my hands lose some mobility in the cold so using the lifetime loop requires removing my mittens and fiddling longer than I’d like in the cold. Often it’s easier just to carry the bag. I may like it much more in the summer.

Jackie (Boston, US)
Great quality very comfortable

I’ve only had it for a few days so not sure how it will hold up but so far the quality and design are excellent. It’s light and very comfortable to hold. I also purchased the bag dispenser. I find that to be excellent quality and functions as well. My only suggestion would be a O-ring attachment on the handle loop. This is a great spot for clipping a spare key and attaching the swivel clip to it if you want to wear the leash across your body (esp for letting your dog off leash) because when that thing is swinging free, if you’ve ever gotten hit in the hand with that swivel clip you know the pain of that metal whacking your hand. Ouch that’s smarts! So, for now I used a keychain ring attachment, which works for now :)

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