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Atlas Pet Company Lifetime Harness, Premium Dog Harness, Made in America, Lifetime Warranty
Lifetime Harness
Lifetime Harness
Lifetime Harness
Lifetime Harness
Atlas Pet Company Lifetime Harness, Premium Dog Harness, Made in America, Lifetime Warranty
Lifetime Harness
Lifetime Harness
Lifetime Harness
Lifetime Harness

Lifetime Harness

$ 78.00
We've improved on the classic no-pull harness design by utilizing the highest-quality materials available to create a lightweight, quick-drying, and ultra-adjustable harness you and your dog will both love. With its simple magnetic buckle design, it’s easy for both you and your pup to be secured safely. Every detail has been considered, from using Gore® Tenara thread for longevity to outward-facing seams for comfort. Combined with chest, back, and belly adjustments, you’re able to create the perfect fit to prevent chafing and slippage other harnesses are known for. 
30-Day Risk Free Returns
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Handmade in Colorado USA Icon - Lifetime Air Leash lifetime warranty lightweight hiking leash for active dogs

lifetime pouch reflective product icon

Guaranteed for life, even if your pup destroys it.®
Read the full warranty here.

- Heavy Duty 1" Reflective Nylon Webbing
- Double Reinforced Outward-Facing Seams using Gore® Tenara thread
- Quick-Release Magnetic Buckle
- Martingale-Style Chest Attachment
- Handmade in Golden, Colorado


Video: Fitting the Lifetime Harness® on your pup
Atlas is a 75lb Labrador and wears a Medium.

Why we made this

To create a no-pull harness that fits a wide range of pups and keeps up with every adventure.

Customer Reviews

Based on 330 reviews
Mary H. (San Clemente, US)
Great for active puppy!

This harness has been awesome for our golden retriever. The magnetic latch is incredible and easy to use. Great product, love the design!

Patricia R. (Kennebunkport, US)
Love the harness not so much the delivery time

I would have given this 5 stars—harness is the only one that has worked on my dog. The only issue was slow delivery times, the USPS is unreliable and it took over 2 weeks to arrive-then it was the wrong size! So I had to return and get another one. Overall the process took almost a month. For such an expensive product there should be a more responsive delivery without having to spend even more $$$$.

Jacob D. (Long Beach, US)
The Game Changer

This harness is the best one. There has to be a best harness in the world right? It's this one. You can put it on one handed with the cool magnetic clip that I was skeptical of at first but that thing is SOLID. My dog pulls and it has been hurting my back, but with this harness she instantly eased up and saved my back on walks. It redirects the pulling force and doesn't chaffe or pinch or anything! My 50lb pup doesn't mind wearing it at all and doesn't freak out taking it off either. She has fought and destroyed harnesses in the past. Her infinite energy has been successfully contained (so we can run and play safely) by this awesome harness!!! We use it on the chest for casual walks and on her back for running! Works great in both configurations (idk if it's supposed to be both but woohooo!)

Craig J. (Grand Junction, US)
The best dog harness and leash setup available!

The picture enclosed features Ara, my 2 year old female Standard Poodle, and Buddy, my 8 year old male Miniature Poodle after we returned from our 3 mile morning bike ride. Ara is actually a freight train disguised as a Poodle, and when we begin our ride each morning, she pulls like a train, at least 25-30mph, and Buddy can 'usually' keep up with her! After buying the Atlas Lifetime Collar and Leash combo, I realized I needed to also purchase the Atlas Harness; this way when we first begin our morning and afternoon rides, the strength of her initial pull will not affect her breathing by causing pressure on her neck and trachea. Now I need to encourage Atlas to make a similar harness for Buddy, her 8lb. running partner! Thank you Atlas for making the best American-made leashes, collars, and harnesses!

Michelle G. (Saraland, US)
Corgi harness!

It’s hard to find harness that will fit corgi. We have finally found one that fits, easy to put on and lock in place. I bought the set and love it. He is only 4 months now, but I’m sure this is going to be the best fit for him. I wish set came the the tag silencer but maybe they will send me one if I upload a cute picture with review* wink* . I highly recommend for the quality and the warranty.

Kelsie C. (Austin, US)
Love it, and my dog isn't as scared of this harness

This harness is so easy to put on and remove. The design definitely allows for more head room when slipping it on, which has definitely helped my dog not be as scared of harnesses. The previous one I had was pretty tight around her head when putting it on (and came up to her neck when on), and it got to the point where she would just hide when it was time to put it on her (even with treats and coaxing). She now stands still, doesn't hide, and looks less apprehensive. Additionally, leash walking has been going really well now with the front chest attachment. One thing to note was that we went to the beach with this, and it was pretty difficult to remove afterward due to the salt, however even traditional buckle harnesses become more difficult with the salty air. I do wish they had more color options, but overall I really love this harness!

derek (Byron, US)
Puppy approved!

This harness has made walks more enjoyable for both of us! The minimalist style is much cooler in the heat for Eugene compared to the standard harness he had with a padded section, and doesn’t restrict his movement at all. The no pull loop has an 18 week old pup walking with a loose leash- it took a bit of training and 2 falls when he went to jump on people, but he figured it out quickly. The quick release buckle makes spinning the loop around to his back for his seatbelt a breeze!

John M. (New York, US)
Great harness

Have a 100 lbs, 8 months old German shepherd. He’s a handful to say the least, this harness was a game changer especially for my pregnant wife to handle the dog. Otherwise we were getting dragged by him. Thank you!

Pippo (Venice, US)
Most Comfortable & Easy To Use

My dog LOVES this harness. We LOVE this harness. Extremely well made, NOT UGLY, easy to use, and most importantly doesn't rub our pooch uncomfortably. BUY BUY BUY!

Liza a.H.(.p. (Fort Belvoir, US)
This harness is a life saver

I found this harness Sherlock. We decided to order it and it is worth every penny we spent. I have 100 pound Newfoundland that we just got she has zero training and has never been on a leash before. Before I got the harness walking her was literally dangerous. This harness has given me the ability to walk my dog and not be scared for her safety or my own I will recommend this to anyone that asks.

Sorry this is t the best picture