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Which Atlas Dog Collar is Best for Your Pup?

When you're shopping around to buy dog collars, you want what's best for your pup. Atlas Pet Company collars are designed with your dog's comfort, safety, and security in mind.

$ 44.00 USD

The Lifetime Collar is a fixed-length dog collar that should fit looser like a necklace to help prevent matted fur. The Lifetime Collar was designed to be used with a harness and is great for tags, lights, and other accessories.

$ 44.00 USD

Our Lifetime Lite Collar is adjustable like a traditional dog collar. The quick-release magnetic buckle is extra secure yet offers easy-on/easy-off functionality making this one of the best dog collars for your pup.

$ 74.00 USD

The Lifetime Pro Collar is our strongest, most durable dog collar. It's made with 1.5" dual-ply Mil-Spec webbing and gives you a wide range of adjustable sizing. Not only is the extra width on this collar more comfortable for larger dogs. It also allows for a Fi S3, handle or embroidery customization.