A training collar designed to be comfortable.

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Bruce R. (Dallas, US)
Red Slip Collar

Excellent collar for keeping pups secure when walking on leash.

W.P. (Detroit, US)
Love It!

I can’t say enough about how much I love this slip collar. The quality is excellent and it fits our American Akita Mickey perfectly!

L.L. (Whitefish, US)
Great addition!

We’ve been very happy with how the slip collar has preformed. The rope is thick enough to hold in place without a lot of tension and he’s not able to slip out of it randomly. It’s been a great training tool and I look forward to using it more!

Outstanding quality

Our new favorite slip collar! We have tried many and our senior lab knows how to flip his head to get any other loop collar off -this one stayed on! High quality hardware and looks beautiful on!

H.H. (Golden, US)
Favorite new collar!

I have used slip leashes in the past, but this is so much better. It lets me use whatever length/style of leash I want without having to use a harness. I love the Lifetime Harness, but this is so convenient for short walks or when my dog has to wear a coat while exploring the mountains. If your dog has a large head (in comparison to their neck) like mine, I would suggest also measuring the circumference of their head.

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