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Lifetime Pouch

$ 27.20 $ 34.00

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Lifetime Pouch


$ 27.20 $ 34.00
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Designed to hug your leash tight instead of dangling about, the Lifetime Pouch is our take on the clunky, plastic holders the market has to offer. By building the pouch as small as possible and using two different attachment points, it's easy to forget it's there... until you need it most. We made the Lifetime Pouch to fit our LifetimeLifetime Lite, and Lifetime Air leashes perfectly, but will fit most other leashes as well.

lifetime warranty atlas pet company guaranteed for life even if your pup destroys it

handmade in Colorado icon atlas pet company build by hand in golden colorado

Guaranteed for life, even if your pup destroys it.®
Read the full warranty here.

- Fabric made from recycled plastic with CrossPly grid reinforcement

- Stainless Steel 1/2" Grommet for easy bag access

- YKK AguaGuard Zipper

- Reflective elastic attachment

- Handmade in Golden, Colorado

Simple and streamlined way to never forget poop bags in a dangle-free design.

Durable & dangle-free 💩 bag holder.

Customer Reviews

Based on 93 reviews
Jessica M. (Lakewood, US)

Such a simple thing but it works very well, definitely something I don’t want to have to struggle with

Mike D. (Estes Park, US)
Great Combo w/ The Leash

I had another bag pouch that I was using and it was super awkward. I picked up the Lifetime Pouch and wonder what I was doing before! It integrates seamlessly with the Atlas Leash, and I couldn't be happier.

Gerald S. (Rochester, US)
Excellent Product

This pouch is tough and as rugged as my BioThane® leash. It stays snug to the leash and doesn’t interfere or get in the way during training. It is the best poop bag pouch on the market.

NEIL M. (Henderson, US)
Awesome setup!

I bought two of the leashes and pouches for my two boxers. We take daily hikes and I can’t believe how much more enjoyable this gear makes everything. The leads are strong and comfortable in the hand and it’s nice to not have something dangling off the lead, but rather incorporated flat into it. Strongly recommend.

Wish I discovered Atlas Pet Company earlier!!!

I didn’t think I’d like this pouch so much but have purchased several similar bags previously from Amazon or Chewy and they haven’t been as durable as this one from Atlas Pet Company. I run with my pup daily and having this pouch attach so securely to his leash is a major plus. Others rattle or swing on his leash … and honestly just fall apart. Initially thought purchasing this was a bit excessive but just like the other products I’ve gotten from Atlas Pet Company, they are solidly made and built to last active lifestyles so you don’t have to keep replacing your dog’s gear. Definitely worth getting!!

M.K. (Harvard, US)

This is the best poop pouch out there! A slim, low-profile poop bag holder that accommodates our eco-friendly rolls effortlessly. Do I think it should cost $34? No, but it's the best option out there even at triple the price of the competition.

Vishal S. (Potomac, US)
Almost perfect!

This is what all poop bag pouches should dream of becoming when they grow up! The material is very good and the fastening system makes it impossible to take off accidentally.
The only minor complaint is the size of the pouch. We use Amazon brand bags and the bag roll is a tight fit in the pouch making the bag retrieval a bit tricky when the roll is new. This would not be an issue if the bag was a teeny bit bigger.

Cara B. (Washington, US)
I love this

I never forget bags thanks to this!

L.P. (Buffalo, US)
Purchased the collar, leash and pouch

I love the quality of your products and would definitely recommend . My only recommendation is for the cost of the pouch it would have been nice if you would have included some poop bags as well. This is much smaller than I thought which is not a complaint, I’m just wondering where to get bags to fit in this and how many does it hold at one time. For this reason it would have been nice if you included bags with the pouch.

Shelley p. (New York, US)
Great leash!

This is definitely the best leash I have ever had. It feels secure and so far seems worth the price. I know it will last for years to come and if not, I will send it back with the lifetime guarantee.