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Based on 2203 reviews
Lifetime Bandana
C.L. (Decatur, US)
Durable great looking bandana

I got the large size though my dog’s neck measures around 18” at the base because I wanted a bigger bandana. Still fits great. Easy to adjust and doesn’t fall off. It dries super quick and doesn’t snag due to the ripstop material. Dirt easily brushes off. My dog has worn it for a few weeks straight and it looks almost like new. Color also looks great. May have to get more colors!

Lifetime Collar
Wendy E.&.A. (Miami, US)
Atlas Lifetime collar, leash & pouch

We love the Atlas Company!
We love the ease of putting on Abe’s Atlas gear.
We love how customer friendly Atlas is when you ask questions.
We love the easy functionality of the website for ordering and and how the photos look exactly like what is delivered.
We love the cool packaging.
We especially love the story of how atlas the company began.
But, most of all we love how functional and smart looking our dog Abe looks in his Atlas gear.
Could not be a better product for dogs anywhere. 🐕‍🦺

Lifetime Collar
CCP (Gulfport, US)
New and old collars

My girls playing and sporting their new collars. I ordered the first collar a while back due to a skin reaction to the metal on a previous (very nice) collar. She has had no more skin problems with the Lifetime collar. Her collar was a little tight so I recently ordered a larger one for her and gave the smaller one to her newly adopted sister. They both love rolling in dust so the collars get dingy. Washing them in Dawn didn’t bring back the color but a little hydrogen peroxide works nicely.

Lifetime Kit
Jack (St Louis, US)

Great product for my 16 month old very active Lab! Pulling stopped day one!

Lifetime Collar
Cat E. (Saint Augustine, US)
Almost perfect!

So far (2 1/2 weeks) I love this collar. I bought two, one for each of my goldens. The only snag is actually a snag in the collar. My boys wrestle and the collar likely snagged on a tooth. It’s ok, but I was hoping the collar would look pristine monger than a week. BUT it’s our fault, not Atlas. Since my puppy ate the last two collars off my older dog’s neck, I’ll accept a small snag! I would highly recommend these collars. They look great and hang nicely.

Lifetime Leash
CS (Fort White, US)
Clasp too small

I like the leash but not the clasp.

The clasp was too small to safely secure around the D-rings of my dogs harness, it didn’t close all the way. I also didn’t like that the clasp could inadvertently open if snagged, therefore releasing the dog from the leash. I cut off the clasp and put a larger bull snap clasp on for a more security. It’s perfect with a little modification for my 65lb golden retriever.

Lifetime Collar
Shelly W. (Visalia, US)
Love it...but it shrunk

I love this collar for my lab/Australian cattle dog mix. No more raw rubbed spots on her neck from buckles. However, it seems to have shrunk. She is a swimmer and the rope material has shrunk from repeatedly getting wet and drying out. If your dog is a swimmer, be sure to upsize one size.

Lifetime Leash
Lauri-Ann H. (New York, US)
don’t hesitate; save ur dogs life!

Guys… I could not be happier with this leash!! It’s perfect in every way: flexibility to harness your dog in the front seat; length, strength; comfort in my hand; quality; stylish!! I was recently involved in a collision on the freeway and thank goodness, Jackson was harnessed into the front seat by making a temporary loop in the leash and threading the seat belt thru the loop in the leash!! (Photo below, showing the mess inside my Prius, was taken the moment I got the car out of the tow yard) Whew… we dodged a bullet. I purchased the silver color… it’s reads charcoal gray but a tad lighter and very handsome… Get tons of compliments!! Thanks to American men and women who made this leash in the USA!!

Lifetime Lite Collar
Zak S. (Citrus Heights, US)
Great Quality

Love the collar. Super easy to get on and off. Feels secure and durable.

Zero complaints and would strongly recommend to anyone.

Lifetime Collar
R.S. (Kyle, US)
Pup loves it.

Love the fact that it can just slip off when ever we are just home. Or when it’s feeding time. Only collar our pup Milo gets excited to put on.

Lifetime Harness
Dave W. (Medford, US)
Perfect for dogs that like to pull

I picked this up for my mini Aussie. He tends to be a little too protective at times, and the front attachment point gives him just the right amount of “reminder” to heel when strangers are nearby. So much better than having him choke himself pulling on his collar!
Build quality is top notch too. And the magnetic latch makes it so easy to use, it’s a snap to put in any time he needs to go outside.
He’s wearing the small size, and he weighs about 17 lbs., so it’s a tad big. But still adjusts nicely so I don’t have any issues.

Lifetime Collar
R.S. (Allen, US)
Very satisfied - great idea!

The collar is very cool & thanks to APC for a quality product. The more comfortable, everyday collar while recognizing that many dog owners use a harness for activities, is a great overall concept! And, I can tell she feels more secure with the seat belt & the harness on car rides. Wish it came in 1” increments as Riley is really in-between.

Lifetime Harness
E.K. (Chandler, US)
Truly Lifetime

I'm writing an updated review.

My pup has grown quite a bit since I originally purchased our Lifetime Harness and it is QUALITY and worth every dollar. I still love the magnetic close. Some people don't trust it but Binky is still a puppy and still pulls on the leash but I haven't had any problems. I had wait for Binky to grow to even fit the Lifetime Harness! I'm glad to see APC has a harness for the little monsters now :)

Lifetime Leash
Crystal C. (Seattle, US)
Great Leash

It feels very comfortable and is easy to put on. The color is as the picture shown on the website.

Lifetime Leash
dahuang (Xiamen, CN)
Amazing leash!!

amazing leash good service

Lifetime Pouch
Chris R. (Stuart, US)

The Lifetime pouch works great,like the way it attaches to the leash

Lifetime Collar
Penny P. (Fairfax, US)
Lifetime Collar

Beau loves his Lifetime collar! His other collar rubbed him raw. This is loose enough to be comfortable without the worry of it being too loose. We love it!!

Lifetime Leash
J.F. (Keller, US)
Lifetime Leash

Got a matching leash and collars for our Moyen Poodle, Wilson. We also got the pouch to go with the leash.

The Leash is incredible durable - during training classes, I sometimes drop the leash to to sit and distance recall work with Wilson. He ends up dragging the leash sometimes quite a distance. The leash has not picked, torn or shown any signs of fraying even after multiple recall exercises. It is very well made.

Glad we made the purchase of the collar, matching leash and pouch. They are undoubtedly the best made products we could have purchased.

We will be purchasing another collar and leach set for our new rescue dog.

Lifetime Collar
J.F. (Keller, US)
Wilson Lives His New Collar

Wilson, our Moyen Poodle, loves his new Collar and matching leash. He has to have his collar on at all times. After he gets his weekly bath, he has to make sure his collar makes it back on. He does have an image to maintain with the other dogs in the neighborhood.

Outstanding product. Well made and seems to be very durable. We will be getting another set for our new rescue dog.

Lifetime Pouch
Aaron (Kyle, US)
Just what I was looking for

As I was searching for bag holders, I kept coming across ones that just dangle from the leash. For me personally, I am not a fan of that. Then I found the Atlas Lifetime Pouch. It stays pretty tight to the leash, lightweight, and durable. Loading new bags in it is easy, and so is dispensing bags. It checked all my boxes I was looking for, and easy to install on any leash. Would recommend in a heartbeat, and will definitely be getting more.

Lifetime Leash
Bill B. (East Islip, US)
Lifetime leash

Great product & workmanship. Will hold up to my lab's pulling. My only suggestion is to add a piece of leather for comfort where your hand hold the leash. Thanks so much!

Hey Bill, So glad to hear you love the leash, and we appreciate the idea! One suggestion if your pup is pulling more is to put the handle around your wrist and hold onto the black clamp. Hope this helps!

Lifetime Collar
E.B. (Brooklyn, US)
Babka the Dirty Dog

Loving the collar & leash I recently purchased for Ms Babka. It took me months to find the perfect color/fit combo and this is it!

Any suggestions on washing the collar?

Lifetime Collar
Nathan W. (Birmingham, US)
Perfect collar

Slides on really well. We will be getting a size smaller because it’s a little loose with no adjustable strap but our dog likes wearing it.

Lifetime Leash
Kellie K. (Las Vegas, US)
Dog collar

❤️them! I have 2 frenchies we got one a 16 “ he 25 lb one got 18 “ he’s 33 lb. Thank you for great communication and getting product to us fast!

Lifetime Lite Leash
Macy F. (Houston, US)
Hands free

This is a great leash, but I think my favorite part is that it’s hands free and my dog doesn’t pull me as much. Pup approves too!!