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Sleek Stylish & Durable Harness

My pup, Athena loves her new lifetime harness. From the beautiful design to the magnetic clamp, it’s brilliant. It has helped with her leash pulling. She now seems to want to walk with me instead of against me. It’s also a huge plus that the stitching matches her collar :) We will be purchasing a leash next!

Harness Success

I am so happy we have the harness - my 10 mo. old 46# Golden doodle no longer pulls me over when she gets excited - which is whenever we do somewhere. I fine decision. And the harness is excellent quality and easy to put on her.

So far so good

First time Atlas lease user and it’s only been a week. It has been working good as I don’t find it to kink up at all, sturdy enough but flexible to easily wrap around your wrist if needed. The clasp is easy for when it is just a single loop you’re hooking it onto but my harness has two loops so it takes just a few extra seconds to undo it. The other leashes if had have been 6’, so the 5’ needs just a tad bit of adjustment to get used to. Not sure if the 8’ would be too much.
So far I Would highly recommend this leash.


Excellent products. Great materials and craftsmanship

Best Leash EVER!

It's been two weeks since we switched to Atlas leash and my tiny Corgi still has not destroyed it....we recently went through 5 leashes within a months period. Could not be happier with this leash.

Great Product

The leash and collar combo has exceeded our expectations in terms of both quality and aesthetics. We’re now going to purchase your hardness. Keep up the great work Atlas.

Thank you Mark! Your little adventure pup looks like they should be a cover model Thanks for sharing these pics!
Great products

Once he grew into this harness it’s been the best! It’s great quality and the clasp is genius!

Looks great

The collar is just as pictured and it looks and fits great! Buying another one for my other dog.

Durable and Easy to clean

Got both the leash and collar for my two dogs. The leashes are very strong and durable and easy to walk two dogs without getting all tangled up. The collars give me piece of mind because they are not tight fitting around the neck and don’t cause any discoloration or loss of fur. Easy to slip on and off and also easy to clean with soap and water. I’ve definitely noticed my dogs itching their necks less than they did with traditional collars.

Love it, great customer service

This collar is just what I have been looking for. We accidentally got sent the harness instead of the collar but as soon as I called they sent the correct order right over and even a personalized not apologizing for the error. I do wish I could adust it a little, we used the sizing suggestions but the loosness seems to get in the way a little, such as his tag getting in the way when he eats. Reguardless though we love the product! We also purchased the leash because he enjoys a little tug of war on some walks. Its a relief to know that I can let him play without worrying about having to purchase a new $50 leash!

Jakes new leash

The workmanship is outstanding.

I have a feeling it’s true— only one I’ll ever need!

The quality of the Lifetime Leash and Collar (I bought both) is unbelievable. So durable, weighty in the hand in the best way, just.... quality. I have a little dog who loves to pull and has pulled through the glue on cheaper leashes. I don’t think we’ll have a problem here. The 5’ is perfect for sidewalk training and high traffic walks, and I’m definitely going to get an 8’ for environments that will permit a little more freedom of movement. The cost is intimidating but these are truly investment pieces.

Magical harness!

This harness works great for my 5 month old lab! I bought the large and the first week it was a little loose but he’s always growing into it. He doesn’t pull at all with it and even tends to walk next to me instead of trying to get far ahead. I love the magnetic clasp as well. So glad we bought this! Highly recommend

Easy to use harness

I love your harness for my growing golden retriever puppy!! Your online fitting instructions made it very easy to adjust exactly to him. I LOVE the magnetic clip....such an easy release!! Thanks for such a great quality product!!

2 dogs 1 fantastic harness

In this world of infinite options I have found the top performer, after two misjudged purchases. We have a 1 year old male lab and mountain cur mix weighing in at approximately 60lbs and 1 yr 3 mo old female Siberian husky weighing in at approximately 45lbs. Two completely different personalities with the husky being the most difficult of the two. The husky is the true judge of this harness as she is all muscle and was born to pull. Walking her was frustrating and exhausting all at the same time, but after putting this harness on her the transformation was almost instantaneous. She is easy to correct and if she tries to take off it changes her direction back towards me. The lab has zero issues, put it on and it's like he wore it in his previous life. The quality is right on point and the buckle is nothing like I've ever seen before, works flawlessly by the way. I was impressed by the company's warranty, hard to find people that offer a lifetime warranty even if the dog chews it. I know that this is not the cheapest option out there, but you'll spend more when you buy the two sub standard ones and then you'll be here buying this one like me anyway. Do yourself and your dogs a favor, buy it. Love the product and customer service 😃 🐶🐺 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Great Leash!

I was a little skeptical about the leash for the cost bc they are so simple but I purchased 2. One for my pup Kea and another for her pal Bentley. They are incredible, really high quality feel and the 5’ length is perfect. Soooo happy with the purchase!


Best collar ever

Truman's new leash

I love the leash, sturdy, stylish and unique. I love the fact it is made from climbing rope. I think the thickness and weight is right and I feel it will last long. I highly recommend.

chew proof

I really like this leash for the no chew factor. I do not like the handle at all as it hurts my hands if my dog pulls, even a little bit.


I was skeptical at first use, but found that jack was happy and so was I during our walks. Great workmanship Love the Claps so easy to hook up and go. We will enjoy our walks more thanks to your product. Thanks from the both of us.

Best leash ever!

I love the new leash for my Webster, Boston Terrier. It is strong and durable.

Excellent quality.

I bought another brand before I found this one, and it is far superior. The rope is thick and soft and very comfortable, which the other one is not. I bought the long version and it's perfect, not so long that my dog is way out front but I'm not tripping over him when he slows down on long walks and runs. I'd happily buy another, but I suspect this one is going to last forever.

Lifetime Leash
The best leash!

We love the 8’ lifetime leash! The extra length is perfect for letting pup explore on the trail or beach while still making sure he sticks with us. The clip is also perfect for the beach! Unlike normal leash clips, that have the exposed spring which gets clogged with sand and salt making it impossible to unclip, this clip has the spring hidden making sure it works no matter how sandy it gets! The color of the leash is super vibrant and is easy to clean when it gets dingy!


Love the collection of collars ❤️ Last for a lifetime a plus!!!❄💖😊

Lexi leashed

Loving the new leash. Works great and Lexi likes to walk her self.