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8 ft leash questionable

Definitely high quality. The silver lobster clasp thing isn’t my favorite because I think it’s harder to quickly take off, but that’s a very small detail; I like that it’s not too big. The bright yellow is stunning against our tuxedo 6 month Malamute and on the Embark black harness we have. I noticed there are unsure reviews on using this for a puppy that pulls, and I can see why. It looks heavy on the puppy’s collar, I have to raise my arms a bit to try to not get the rope tangled on puppy’s legs. Doesn’t feel good on my hands. 8 feet of tough rope feels awkward to use. But I imagine this is what rock climbers use on their hands all the time, so it must just take getting used to. One review said they initially didn’t like it but got used to it and loved it, so maybe I just need to get used to it. Wish there more pictures and videos of people using the 8ft. Like maybe there is a technique to using this longer leash. I’ve only found YouTube videos on how to use flat long leashes that you can easily bundle or coil up. The company only seems to feature mostly the 5ft in their videos and photos. 5ft would be too short for me; I like extra length to let dog go potty without me walking through bushes or whatever, I also like to occasionally practice recall on the extra length. I also got the pouch. The pouch is the best poop bag dispenser anyone will ever come across. I think the pouch would make a great gift for any fellow dog owners. I loathe hard plastic dispensers that clunk around and hurt me or the dog by accident; even soft dispensers that dangle are annoying. I also got the harness, which I haven’t tried yet, but all high quality. Love the magnet buckle idea for easy on and off. Someone said they were concerned about it getting caught on something, so I just took off the little plastic-fabric tassel so it won’t. I also got the lite dog tag; it was too small for what I thought was a standard collar length. One letter or two was a bit crooked but still very legible, and I love that it allowed me to put in a lot more characters than other dog tag services. I plan to just stitch it on a harness so I’m happy with it.

Super easy!

Love the magnetic clasp; it makes popping it on and off super easy! Fits great, with plenty of room to grow.

We love our leashes for both of dogs.

Best leashes

Lives up to the hype

Very well made and the pouch solves the where do I put my keys for my walks question. Love it! 👏🏽👏🏽

So secure and very easy to use!

Almost exactly what we need!

This pouch is almost exactly what we were looking for. It attaches in two places so it doesn’t swing around while walking, and it has an opening to pull the bags through. My only complaint is that it’s just a tad small, so we end up taking one or two bags off the roll so that it there’s enough room for the roll to move and pull a bag through the opening.

Lifetime Leash and Harness

I cannot imagine ever using anything else. The leash is awesome and bullet proof, and the harness is just what we were looking for...minimal contact, but secure. Atlas rocks!

Sturdy harness with quick latch mechanism

Helps with my dog who used to pull when walking. Great quality

Best collar

I love this collar. This is the best collar.


Awesome leash

Love the feel and the length.

Solid and attractive!

Love the design and color. I can tell the leash and collar and harness will last a long time!

Lifetime Leash

Great quality reasonable price

Good job guys. Id be checking the site for other stuff i can purchase.

Perfect Colour

I’ve been trying to find a cute pink collar for a long time that is actually durable, unlike so many of the “cool” dog accessory brands out there. This one is perfect.

Best Leash Ever!

Ralphie has had a field day with other leashes. He has met his match with the Atlas Lifetime Leash. The variety of colors were tempting; the vibrant pink was the favorite choice.

Life saver

I have a 5 month old pit sky and she is already 50lbs of pure muscle. She would pull on the leash so bad I didn’t want to walk her. This harness has changed the game. Even if she starts to pull it doesn’t last. I’m so happy with my purchase. Worth every penny.

Great Pouch

Love this! Fits on our leash so much better than any other bag holder

Lifetime collar

You can see from my picture how much I love my new collar~Neck-a-lace ;-)
But, it was too little. From the time my mommy ordered it, til the time I got it, I grew! It was ONLY 8 days!
I'm a growing girl. So now I'm waiting on my new bigger collar from Atlas.
I'm pretty stoked about showing off my red lifetime collar, lead to match and harness. It's all made so well. Dad likes the lobster claw hook on my lead too. And that harness, whoa, I don't even know I have it on. It grows with me. I am stylin in my new Atlas gear. I'm a lifetime customer.

Lifetime Leash

By far one of the best products on the market. Sturdy and stylish. Very happy with my purchase.

Suave, Sophisticated and Secure

My rescue dog Fox Mulder looks great in his new Lifetime Collar ... and he knows it! Me, I like how the collar fits loosely yet allows me to hold on to my little border collie dude if the need arises. When we're out on walkies, we use the Lifetime Collar with the Lifetime Harness (and the Lifetime Leash) – it's a perfect combination.

Great little pouch

Dangle free is key! Love how compact and sturdy it is. I think it probably works better with the original leash since it hangs on the handle end of the lite (weight is not distributed down middle of the leash but one side of the handle).


This collar is great. Very well made and sturdy and my little buddy absolutely loves it. It slides on and off with ease and looks really good. It's the perfect size to hold him by for a moment without causing too much strain on him or myself. I measured his neck before ordering the Medium size and it fit perfectly. I think he is done growing but I love knowing that if he outgrows it I can have it resized and continue using such a well made collar. I would highly recommend this product to anyone that uses a harness regularly or has their dog trained off leash.


This pouch is tiny and integrates perfectly with the leash. It isn't bulky and doesn't hang off the leash and isn't bulky. 5 stars!

Quality leash

Great quality and love the color.

So good!

I’ve gotten collars for my pup before, but they usually bother him in one way or another. He’s chipped, but I still want him to have a collar with a tag! Got both the collar and the leash, and it’s fantastic so far! I still walk him with his harness, but the collar looks great on! The climbing rope is really a work horse type rope, so no fear that he’ll destroy the leash like he’s done to others! If you’re on the fence, just pick one up!