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It really is lifetime!

Our 16 week old Corgi is teething so bad. We were going through leashes every couple of weeks. He hasn’t made a dent in this one! I don’t see him being able to destroy it, but if he does, I feel great knowing that the lifetime guarantee will cover it! Worth every penny!

Great collar

Heavy duty yet very minimalistic. I like it and so does the pup.

Great leash

We got two long and two short leashes for our two Black Lab puppies and they are great. Piper and Sadie love their new leashes.

So far so good!

We have only had the harness for a little over a wk. Our dogs previously have used harnesses so the adjustment was easy for them and so far so good for us. I mainly switched because my big dog (below) had a lot of issues with irritation in his “arm pits” this harness so far does not seem to cause the same problems!

Perfect leash

Absolutely love this leash for our 90 pounds lab. Its a great design that holds up well to all kinds of outdoor activity and "abuse". Great price and great product. Thank you Atlas!


Great harness, fits great and is so easy to use. It seems to stay in place as well in comparison to other types of harnesses which is great. We have a growing 7 month old Bernedoodle who is BIG and thick! It’s easy to use with his fluffy beautiful coat and he has room to grow with the larger size thank goodness! He’s probably almost 70lbs or so for reference

Simple and beautiful

We bought one collar to try out on one of our dogs and we were so pleased we immediately purchased a second one for our other dog. We also ordered a harness though we didn't need a new one. The harness is amazing and I'll soon be ordering a second one even though we have so many decent harnesses—we love the magnetic closure that much! The collars are very well made, and I can tell the dogs love them because their fur doesn't get caught and tangled up at all. They are so easy to slide on and off, and the cool gray match their eyes SO perfectly. I know its hard to see right now with all their fur (prespring time grooming) but the collars DO stand out and make a real statement.

Lifetime Harness

We wanted a lighter, less bulky harness for daily walks and this harness is great for that! As easy to put on and take off as a collar! It wasn’t the perfect fit for our corgi originally (I think their body proportions are a little different) but I sewed up the top strap a little. Also the support team is really great, the first harness we ordered got lost in the mail and they had another one sent to us soon after.

Lifetime Harness

Our Great Dane pup does fret with his new lifetime harness .we love how nice and easy the latch is. Our walks are much better with his new harness

Best harness

My pup loves it. She doesn’t pull anymore with the harness

We love it!

We spend most of our time walking timber. Daniel goes with us everywhere. His collar is great! Super strong, but soft. No pinching or binding like his old collar. Holds up great in creeks and easy to clean! Thank you! Nancy J


Definitely the last leash I will ever need to buy. Love the color, fabric and the quality.

Absolutely in love!

Saw another pup at the dog park with this collar and loved how it looked and I’m even happier with the quality and color now that I have one of my own to really feel. The fixed length design is great for my pup since he wears a harness and it super easy to take on and off at home so we don’t get the jingle all night long. Will definitely be back for more colors!

Worth it

I thought the price was absurd but my dog is a heavy chewer so I thought I would invest. Turns out it was so so worth it. I am a competitive sailor, climber, and PhD student in polymeric fibers so I KNOW ropes. This leash is made from the real deal. The braid is incredibly strong and clearly made with a heavy duty core so there is little to no stretch. The clasp design is light and reliable — they literally use these clasps on sailboats, so I know my dog isn’t going anywhere. This is seriously the last leash I will ever need. They weren’t kidding.

Great collar

Unique and comfortable collar. We had to get the extra large for our 92 lb lab. Would love to see more color options or a single rope option.

Love the look!

I have only had this for a couple of days, but really like it! I measured my dogs head at the widest part and it was 20” so ordered the large 22”. It fits perfectly! Very sturdy, bright but not garish color and a nicely balanced weight. My dude looks so handsome in it!

Ordered a second!

Great collar, perfect for Cece who spends most of her time off leash. Super comfortable for her and really durable/easy to clean. As others have noted this wouldn’t be a great collar for a dog that pulls on leash as it’d slide off pretty easily. Looks great too!

Silver leash

Great color, very well made


We love this leash! I love that it’s light weight and Duke loves the long length! Thanks for a great product!

Stylin dog in his new collar

We love the style of this collar, and my 9 month old lab loves it, too! Even holds up during his puppy play dates!


Love the collars they look great!

Dog ate it

Although the leash is well put together looks really strong but my 8 month old Chewed thru it other than that it was great it was really mad at the dog

Nice collar

This collar has been great! Easy to put on and fits our male husky perfectly!

Love this leash!

Got this leash a couple months ago and it has been awesome. It is sturdy and easy to wash after hiking or beach days. It is the perfect length to let our husky explore and easy to pull in when she wants to walk closer by my side. Love the color as well!

...walks are NOW a pleasure.

So prior to this harness, walks with my Ella where unenjoyable. She would pull non stop like a husky pulling sled...not a pleasure at all. Hence why I broke down and purchased this harness. While expensive, worth it. Looking forward to it lasting a lifetime.