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Rugby's Favorite Collar

Looks great, wears like iron. More colors, please! Forest green, navy blue?

loving our leash!

great, strong, nice looking leash that will last an extremely long time.

Awesome leash. It easily disentangles from other leashes, it easily gets off from under my pup's front paws, it has a nice weight to it, and it is easy on the handler's hand.

Sturdy and durable collar

Great collar! Easy to slide in and off, and it's very durable material helps to keep it intact while my pup is wrestling and playing. The only collar I will ever use!

Best harness ever!

This is the greatest harnesses I've ever used. It's light, doesn't rub or chafe on my pup, and the magnetic clasp makes it super easy to put on and take off quickly


Zeus has many harnesses but this is by far the best one I’ve ever purchased. It looks more comfortable, the way that it sits...I love that it’s not near his neck. The quick release buckle is perfect! Also love the color 🖤

Great Leash

It’s perfect!!

Well made and does the job

My 70-pound dog is a puller and will likely always be a puller. This harness does not prevent him from pulling, however it does prevent him from yanking me down the street and keeps him closer by my side. The harness controls but does not restrict movement, and our walks are much more enjoyable. I love how easy it is to put on and secure, and how durable it is.

Piper loves her collar!

High quality collar and my puppy looks great! Happy with the purchase!

Best Harness Ever

Love this Harness so much. Can not say enough great things about this. As a smaller female having and 95lb 11 month old puppy I need all the help I get and this harness does just that. I love how simple it is to put on and adjust and love that you can have the clip either in the front or the back.
Such a great product! Can't recommend enough!

We love them

Nice sturdy leash. We got the 10 foot length as that is what we use for training them. The girls didn’t get tangled up much as the leashes are thick and sturdy. We loved that!

Love it!

The harness works! Tashi stopped pulling. Putting it on and taking it off is EASY; the magnet latch opens and closes before Tashi can bite it. I strongly recommend it.

Beautiful collar

I custom ordered a 30” collar and soon Fronky will be able to fit it

Love this leash

Quality and craftsmanship are top notch


I have an 80lb Golden Retriever puppy that was nearly impossible to control. I've tried all of the other harnesses that promise that they will prevent pulling, but they didn't... this one does and now walks with my pup are a whole different world. Thanks Atlas!

Stayed in his natural element

Our daily walks were more of a “tug of war” My boy is 2yrs old. I had to get mentally prepared for the constant pulling. My shoulders would take a beating. After 30 mins, he would relax a bit. This was everyday using a regular collar. We’ve had the harness for 3 wks now, since day one & from the start of our walk he was relaxed & in sync with me. That hasn’t changed that behavior to the day. The harness is minimal which lets him roll on the grass w/o bulk or material interference. And it hugs his body the whole time w/o excess shifting. Others would hit the back of his elbow and needed constant adjustment. My favorite part is seeing him have that natural sway when he walks. He looks like he has extra pep in his strides. He’s even walking/running next to me which feels great! Im not use to the slack on the leash, but I’m getting use to it. I will be purchasing another one for my small female, along with the collars. It’s a great investment!! Oh! About the buckle, best way to describe it, its sexy! and sturdy. Atlas really did their research & designed it right!

Perfect leash

The only negative comment I could find about the lifetime leash was that is was uncomfortable in the dog owners' hands. After using it for a few walks I haven't had that experience at all. In fact, I think the round shape of the rope is much more comfy than our old flat leash. No complaints and love the way this looks! Fantastic product.

It works!!!

Our sweet four month old puppy pulls like crazy when we go on walks. It always makes me worried she's going to pass out from lack of oxygen! This harness prevents her from pulling completely. On our first walk she tried to run ahead a few times and immediately stopped after each attempt because the harness was restricting her. (It's perfectly comfortable when she's not pulling.) She hasn't pulled on a walk since. We love the lifetime harness. We also got the collar and leash and she's gotten so many compliments on the collar :)

Great quality BUT...

Love the collar and great quality BUT would really love it if it was Adjustable or had a different one that grows with your dog ... I have a Small size dog and had to “CUT to size” upset about that ... but other then that I love it! And I have a dachshund

Stylish collar!

Love this collar! My dog looks great since it’s a really vibrant color. It fits perfectly and is a good quality. My dog gets a lot of compliments on it!

Well made

Just got these leashes and so far so good. Well made and comfortable. Test will be time - my dogs have destroyed a lot of leashes which why I got these

At last leash

We’ve been using their leash every day for a little over a month now, and it is really a great leash. We’ve used it on trails and at the beach and it is holding up great. Nice to support a small business.

Great idea and looks great

Bought the small for our 12 week old pit bull puppy. It's a little big at the moment, but she'll grow into it pretty quick. Having bought multiple collars in the past from either the dog growing out of it, or it being destroyed, the lifetime concept is a great idea and is worth it for us.

Great leash!

Great leash! Strong and well made. Great to buy an American product. Our husky / malamute mix chewed through two leashes. Not sure he will get through this one, but I love that Atlas will fix or replace it if he does..

2 paws up!

We've only had the harness for a week and I can already tell a huge difference with my 7 month old puppy, Rocket. Learning how to walk on a leash has been a struggle, but this harness has significantly reduced her urge to pull me along the sidewalk instead of walk beside me. Plus, the magnetic clasp makes it so easy to take the harness off and put it on - she used to fight me on wearing a harness, but not anymore! I could not recommend a better purchase - I wish I would have used it with my dogs in the past.