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Lifetime Harness
Jenny G. (Fort Wayne, US)

We Love the ease of the magnetic clip. Our pooton used to fight us about putting on a harness this atlas harness he stands and no running after him. We do see him trying to chew on it and even has had some marks on it from that. Sometimes he will be lying in the grass next to us we leave it on we are outside of course than he will be quietly chewing it. So for that reason we appreciate the warranty it does fray . But we are ordering another it's just so easy to use.

Lifetime Kit
B.J. (Plymouth, US)
Exactly what I didn’t know I was looking for.

My 5-yr-old borador Blue is part border collie, so she’s really never left my side or had any problems wandering. Thus, she really hasn’t worn a collar at all in years! However, upon updating her rabies Fauci’s, I went to replace the one from her puppy collar and couldn’t find it anywhere! So I searched for a collar worthy of my princess, not really knowing what I was looking for - THIS is it! A collar for a dog that really doesn’t need a collar. Perfect. Now I just need an equally classy name-tag to boot! I splurged for the kit, because why not?! Everything is top notch quality and customer service has been great with my questions. I also got the lifetime bowl separately, a wonderful innovation! Pro-tip: when attaching the poop-pouch to the leash, follow their instructions, but double loop the elastic lanyard part - keeps it much more snug!

I got the 16”, but I think I’m going to exchange for the 18” (though a 17” would be even better!) - when they say size-up if you’re unsure, they mean it! Should’ve listened, the 16” goes on really smooth and sits really comfortably, but because of her ear shape she dreads squeezing it off!

Lifetime Leash
DJ B. (Redmond, US)
Love the atlas lifetime leash

She may look all sweet and innocent, but she is a terror with her leash. I have gone through so many leashes. Thankfully I heard about Atlas and their lifetime guarantee. This thing is indestructible. I will be purchasing the collar next.

Lifetime Handle
Mike S. (Orlando, US)
I used it to modify my leads

i liked the length of the lead but wanted to add a handle without using a knot shortening the lead.

Lifetime Collar
Kristin R. (Sunnyvale, US)
Nice collar

Works well.

Lifetime Air Leash
R.B. (Evanston, US)
Beautiful color and nice quality

I received this leash in exchange for a review, and I am delighted to report that I absolutely love the leash! It is the perfect width and weight and the color is stunning. The hardware is sturdy and functional. Yeah remains aesthetically pleasing. This would make a stunning set with a matching collar! Or mix and match with other colors- so many options!

Lifetime Slip Collar
Bruce R. (Dallas, US)
Red Slip Collar

Excellent collar for keeping pups secure when walking on leash.

Lifetime Leash
TERRI H. (San Antonio, US)
Atlas Leashes

My bigger dog plays with the small dogs leash and has destroyed several. The Atlas leashes look good on and the bigger dog is not chewing on either leash.

Lifetime Lite Leash
L.C. (Cleveland, US)
Versatility and Functionality

I really love this leash because I have two large breed puppies and they can be a handful with two leashes constantly tangling in my hands. This leash easily separates so that I am able to wear it around my waist and it also extends to 7 feet when we hike!! I love the ability to easily attach them to something sturdy with the leash as well, with the added advantage of an area to clip things to this leash! Plus the green matches the green stitching of their APC collars!! Now I need to buy another one for my other boy!

Lifetime Collar
M.M. (Aurora, US)

I like a collar I can just slide on and off, it’s a great color too! She also has the matching harness!

Lifetime Collar
cody (Dallas, US)
Excellent Collar

Perfect fit, great quality!!

Lifetime Bowl
MJ (Long Beach, US)
Light & Compact!

Super light, compact, and easy to use for my Aussie! We like to go hiking and play frisbee at the dog beach; so this was very handy to have when shes thirsty for some water! Hoping to get another one soon to keep one around!

Lifetime Harness
George S. (Rock Hill, US)
Looks great

Got the Lifetime kit and looks great. I have a black Giant Schnauzer and the Honey collar looks fantastic on him. He is only 5 months old and got the 18 inch but will have to get a larger one soon. I wish they had an exchange program so that the fixed length collar could be traded as puppy grows.

Lifetime Harness
M.M. (Aurora, US)
It’s great!

I keep falling and breaking myself and I really needed equipment (the leash won’t work I can’t pinch that well) that I could get on and off my dog easily, while I was in a cast and recovering. This works great!

Lifetime Kit
Maria B. (Seattle, US)
Happy Pup

Purchased the kit a few weeks ago and both my pup and myself are satisfied. I love how the leash is easy to latch and unlatch. Cool color too.

Lifetime Bandana
Spencer S. (Cambridge, US)
Finally it’s back !!!

My pup and I have been off kilter ever since we lost our original APC bandana last spring, while it was out of stock I researched all other options on the market and honestly nothing compares. So happy it’s back in stock I’ve ordered a second color.

Lifetime Collar
Tammie R. (Melbourne, US)
Great Collar

Atlas is the best company hands down that I have felt with. My lifetime collar for my Weimaraner is beautiful and very good quality. I ordered the wrong size in the beginning and they when I contacted them they were right on it and made it so easy to return and exchange. Other companies should be looking toward Atlas for an example of great customer service.

Lifetime Pro Collar
Amanda P. (Charlotte, US)
Quality collar for an active dog!

This collar is unmatched! I had been searching for a 1.5"+ wide durable collar for my active Vizsla that didn't have huge branded logos on the sides, or removeable "patches". So thankful to have stumbled upon Atlas' website and decided to take a chance after reading the reviews. The quality of the entire collar is top-notch, from the material, to the clasp. I'll be a returning customer for sure!

Lifetime Leash
Kathy S. (Henderson, US)
Lifetime leash

Purchased two and absolutely love them!

Lifetime Pouch
W.P. (Brighton, US)
Pooptastic Bag!

This poop bag holder is so convenient, having it attached to the leash means I’m never without one! It fits so well that I even forget it’s there. 10/10 would recommend!

Lifetime Harness
Jill S. (Clarksville, US)
Best harness

The harness is great.! It stoppedFranklin from pulling right away. I’m ordering another one for my other poodle. I highly recommend!!

Lifetime Bandana
R.K. (Trenton, US)
Outdoor Minimalists Dream

Such a sleek, clean looking bandana. The material is thin but quality so I know it won’t make Loki too hot.

Lifetime Lite Collar
Guillermo G.
Well fitted

I’ve been looking for a great and simple collar for my dog and the lifetime lite collar fitted my boy prefect.

Lifetime Harness
Millie (San Francisco, US)
Tried and True - Best Harness For Active Dogs

We've struggled to find the perfect harness for our active Australian Shepherd. We've tried various brands but all of them seemed to lack something - either too complicated to put on, bulky, or ill-fitting. However, we've finally found the ultimate solution - a harness that ticks all the boxes! The magnetic clasp is a brilliant feature that makes putting on and taking off the harness a breeze while keeping it secure. The harness is also highly adjustable and our dog is very comfortable wearing it.

Lifetime Leash
J.c. (Atlanta, US)
Best Leash Ever!

Love the look, quality, repair service, and that it's made in the USA. That's why I bought a second one!