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Best. Leash. Ever.

Charli Lou has chewed through 4 leashes, which has made it difficult to find a sturdy leash to endure her chewing and adventure. The Atlas leash has been an absolute game changer. She’s not been able to even put a dent in the leash material. The clip is extremely safe and it rinses each when muddy. The quick response time on Instagram and kindness also makes for a great experience. We ruff the people and the brand and will be referring to all our furriends!

Toughest leash out there!!!

We have two of these leashes now! Our dog has dragged this leash through rocks, dirt and snow. It has taken the abuse and more. The leash also fits perfectly over my shoulders when mountain biking. Highly recommend!!

Swivel is nice

Swivel on leash is great. Clip is secure. Don't like the rope burn when the dog pulls on leash, even a little.

Perfect for our strong pup

We have a 4 month old german shepherd puppy, who was pulling very strongly on her lead & collar. Once we switched to this harness we noticed an immediate difference! She does not pull anymore and walking is so much more relaxing and fun. The harness is very easily adjusted to fit her size, and she is growing so quickly so this gives us peace of mind. The harness seems comfortable on her and while she has tried to chew the harness a couple of times you cannot see any damage as it's very sturdy! Super happy with this purchase, it will definitely help us humans walk with our very strong puppy! Love the magnetic closure as it is sturdy and quick to put on/take off.

Great Harness and leash.

My Vizsla, Lincoln, loves his new harness and leash! Very good quality and have gotten multiple questions regarding it. Nice work.

Great leash!

The clip is a little harder to get on than ones where only one half moves, but it feels really durable and secure. The leash is strong and the bright turquoise makes it easy to find pre-coffee.

Pancake and Waffles

I now have 2 sets of APC leashes, 8 foot and 5 foot. They are truly one of a kind leash. Outstanding quality and we love the clip at the bottom, makes it easy to attach to my Bulldogs harness. Highly Recommend Product

Exactly what I hoped for

The collar is exactly as described and what I was hoping for. The color is great and the material is clearly very durable. I got the large size for my 9 month old golden retriever who weighs around 60 lbs and it fits well (definitely loose and I wouldn't use it on a walk with a leash as I'd be worried it would come off, but we use harnesses for the most part anyways). I like that she will grow into it. We also bought the leash and the harness and both are also excellent. We've gotten lots of compliments on the look of it not surprisingly, but also have had other dogs tug on her collar at the dog park and love that it's both holding up well and knowing that if it does get destroyed it has a lifetime warranty. Highly recommend!

Modern & durable

Durable leash with a modern design!

Great Harness

We love this harness. It is easy to put on and helps with our pups pulling.

Tuff yet elegant

I bought the Trifecta leash ,harness, collar all built to last no wonder, it’s lifetime I see it lasting so , the feel of the leash is what stood out to me at first it is so soft and silky smooth easy on the wrist and skin when he pulls a little The collar isn’t adjustable the only downside but honestly I wouldn’t see how you would get the strength and durability without it being one piece they are in the process of exchanging it now so customer service with return or replacement is top notch And to me that’s most important!!!!!!! I recommend this company to all

Great for my lab

I’m older and have arthritis. This works like a charm. My only concern is the magnetic closure strong enough for him?


I like it and it should last our pup for a couple months so that is good. Seems very secure but I have to get the hang of that amazing magnetic strong clip! He struggles while struggle, lol he is 14 weeks and just learning to walk well on lead. Is 30 pounds now so this harness won’t last long but we’ll get a larger size when needed.


I bought three items for Christmas: collar, leash and the harness. All items are top quality and my dog loves them. My only request would be to include a section in the website under FAQ with instructions on how to best use the harness, I figured it out but would be nice to have it as a resource. Other than that all items are five stars.

Excellent leash

Beautiful leash recommend purchasing a poop bag holder to go along with the leash!

Lifetime Collar

Can this collar be exchanged if she out grows it?

Yep! You can send it in and we’ll replace the rope with the next size up.
No more dragging!

My dog does the opposite of most, and likes to drag. In his old harness, he could lean back and lie down and then lay over on his side. This one keeps him on his feet and prevents that whole debacle. He's walking like a champ! We have also tested it with his best friend who pulls like crazy, and walks with her are way more enjoyable with this harness.

Super harness

This harness did the trick. Duffy now walks like a regular dog and we, both, are enjoying our daily trips to the park.

Great color & function

This leash is a vibrant color and is the perfect length. The handle is comfy and there's just enough stretch in it.

best leash!

I have had dogs all my life , mostly large dogs.
I can confirm that your products Atlas , leash and harness are top quality manufacturing , solid and reliable .
I did not know about your products , and just think all the money I wasted over several decades with PEtsmart products. !
A dog lover , I run to recommended your products. best referral

Great harness

This harness works really well for our golden pup Ziggy. Easy on off, and the front martingale attachment really discourages pulling.

Great leash, but we returned it...

The reason we bought the atlas leash was because of the screwed in fastener at the plastic parts. Our dog would continuously bite and chew in this part on other leashes causing it to snap and we bought this leash with the comfort of the lifetime guarantee. Unfortunately we returned it because the leash is very thin including the handle part which makes it difficult to hold especially when your dog pulls a lot. If atlas makes this leash thicker and a more substantial handle, we’ll be the first to buy it!


I purchased all three Atlas products over time. The collar, harness and 8' leash are best I've seen anywhere. All very durable and painless replacement one time my super chewer black lab got a little extra time unsupervised to break the collar. I was worried the leash would be too heavy being so long, but very light and still strong.

I got the 8ft leash because I wanted to customize it into a crossbody leash so that I can run with my dogs. And it worked! I love the clip style too. So far so good I haven't used it in wet conditions so we will see how it holds up. The only complain I have is that the red isn't bright red more like red-orange. But the real color is on point.

New Color!

This is an amazing color shade of Pink complements from other dog walkers!