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Great Leash and Harness

Love it! Very sturdy and has help my dog with pulling!

Wonderful quality

We love the quality and customer service, look forward to doing more business in the future


Wow so glad to have found your company , could not be more satisfied, thank you

Performs as promised

This harness is perfect. I had been searching for a harness that would utilize fidlock buckles as minimizing the time fidgeting with putting on and taking off the equipment was a make or break for me. Key reasons I would recommend:

- 1 buckle. I hate the designs that use 2
- flexibility for chest or back configuration
- martingale design for the ring
- heavy nylon webbing

To sum it up, this harness sits in the sweet spot between heavy duty durable and minimal contact (ie comfortable for your pup). It's been my go to now for almost 2 years.

Lifetime Leash
I've yet to find a better leash

Key reasons I love it:

Length: I use two hands on the leash when walking my dogs. One hand holds the loop while the other manages the length. 8 ft is perfect for letting your dog explore comfortably and managing them closely when needed. the standard 6 ft leash doesn't allow the same flexibility.
Color: i love this color. Doesn't look like it's being produced anymore so glad I got it early on.
Heft: it's dense and the clip is easy to use.

I went through a few different kinds of leashes before arriving at this one and i haven't thought about trying another one since.

Great looking leash and I love the guarantee

This leash is great - looks great and the lobster clasp is easy to get on and off. Since I have a puppy I love the idea of the guarantee too.

Loki in Love

My pitbull, Loki, loves his new collar, leash, and harness. Whenever I put the harness on he gets all wiggly for his walk! Everything I bought from Atlas has been nothing but exceptional.

Finally A Pouch That Doesn’t Dangle

Perfect companion to the Lifetime Leash. Looks great and a solid attachment keeps the pouch from sliding down the leash and flopping around.

It’s a little tight to get the first bag off the roll but after a couple they freely dispense.

Lifetime Leash
Best and Last Leash You’ll Buy

We’ve now owned the Lifetime Leash for 1 year. It looks and functions as well as day one. It’s indestructible and cleans up easily with warm water.

Just buy it. Zero regrets.

Awesome quality

I ordered the lifetime light collar and leash for my 9 week old Cavapoo puppy. The collar looks amazing - awesome quality and the magnetic clasp is super easy to open and close - I haven’t used it yet, b/c it seems way too big for my little puppy - I think I have to wait until he’s at least double in size (he’s currently a little over 5lbs) so it won’t cover his entire neck - I bought a cheaper smaller collar, which I will use until he’s bigger.

Simple design, gorgeous colors

Got the 8 foot leash for our rather hyperactive border collie. She loves the longer length (and so do we), and the gorgeous colors look so nice and have held up well so far. Looking forward to trying out the harness!

Beautiful design, awesome functionality

Love this collar! Got it for my border collie because her long hair tends to get pulled by buckles on regular collars. She doesn’t run away from it when we get it out! Just comes over and puts her head through. Highly recommend!


I ordered 2 lifetime collar’s they are great!! My dogs love them. Colors are bright

So Aesthetic !!

I don't really walk my dog with a collar because I just feel a harness is more secure and comfortable for the dog, so I absolutely love the idea of a slip on collar just for a tag. Its not tight and loose enough to easily slip on and off, and even better, it matches his eyes!

Well Done

Better than advertised - so much better that the typical leash and great for very active dogs

Lifetime Collar
Collar for life

I bought this collar for my rescue dog, Bo. He came to me somewhat malnourished, and when he increased in weight from 61 to 76 lbs, I was easily able to send the collar in for resizing. They mean it when they say these collars are for life!

Love it!

Very easy to hold when walking and seems comfortable for my dog. She is a big girl but the leash is strong and keeps her in line. I recommend the lighter blue color, though it looks more silver/grey in person.

Awesome collar

Very sturdy and magnetic buckle is an awesome feature. Love the green color as well! Wish it were slightly thinner in width as our dog is a bit on the smaller side, but still fits great.

Love it!

Can't wait until her collar arrives

Hands free!

Love that it doubles as a belt so you can wear the leash when you take your dog off leash. The quality seems great and has held up well through daily use. I love the vibrancy of the colors. The magnetic clasp is honestly super handy and easy to use. I often get compliments when I walk my shepsky!

Lifetime Leash

We love this harness!

The Lifetime Harness is awesome! It’s really easy to put on and take off because of the magnetic closure, and it has stopped our dog from pulling all of the time during walks because of the leash attachment location on the chest. It’s so great that we ordered him a new collar and leash to match. Excellent!

Top notch

Atlas is the best. We love the collar, leash and harness all. The colors are beautiful, and the gear is ergonomically smart as well as high-quality. Highly recommend.


Love Climbing Rope!

This leash gets bonus points for tiring out my puppy like no other! In all seriousness though, as someone who has been into climbing for a few years now, this leash immediately drew me in. The quality is fantastic and durable, just as I expected from climbing rope! I also really like the clasp. I have a new Aussie puppy who loves to chew and she hasn't done any damage yet! Not that I let her chew for long before I catch her and stop her, but it is no wonder Atlas guarantees these for life! Definitely going to be ordering more from them and will be looking forward to what products they come up with next!