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Topo Designs Treat Bag
Marc D. (Madison, US)
The Best!

Their Lifetime Leash, Collar, and Harness are the best I've ever owned. The poop pouch and bag holder are low profile, and well made. Will continue to purchase from APC again and again.

Lifetime Collar
D.P. (New Hyde Park, US)
Dog approved

Good quality collar goes well with the harness

Lifetime Harness
Kristin Q.
Best No Pull Harness Thus Far!

For context, my dog can pull EXTREMELY hard. I don’t even trust other reviewers who say no-pull harnesses work for their dog, because no dogs pull-level can compare to Tuna’s. He is a beast.

I’ve tried at least 5 different no-pull harnesses before this one and none of them worked, so naturally I was a little skeptical of this one. It took me a while to get the fit right, but I was shocked to find that it actually did lessen Tuna’s ability to pull. It’s not perfect - there is still some pulling - but the difference between this and the martingale collar I was using is pretty huge! Huge enough that it’s saving me from pulling my back out (repeatedly).

My dog pulls consistently on leash, but the worst is when he lunges towards a dog, squirrel, bird etc. (that’s when the real damage to my back happens) so I was super happy that this helped with that! He can’t use his momentum like he could before because the faster he tries to lunge the more effective the harness is in turning him around. It seems like he’s figuring that out and avoiding lunging now. Which is great!

I think the reason this front clip harness works so much better than the others I’ve tried (I’ve tried 3 different, but similar designs) is the multiple adjustment points. The other harnesses would inevitably slide around in a way that allowed him to leverage the leash against his neck/shoulder and pull just as hard as before. This one seems to be better at staying in place. It’s a simple design but it works really well, and I was shocked by how strong the clasp is! I really didn’t think it would hold up but it’s stayed very secure, and I love how easy it is to put on and take off.

The cons:

1. Like I said, it isn’t 100% effective at getting rid of the pulling (at least for my dog) but it’s definitely better than anything else I’ve tried! It’ll be my primary harness (at least for on-leash activities) and I’m ordering another for my second dog (who is picking up on the pulling habit).

2. You have to fit it tight for it to work properly, which is to be expected, but it does rub a little under the arm pits. Not as bad as some others I’ve tried, but I noticed a little rawness after several walks in a row.

3. Lastly (and this is almost definitely MY fault), the color isn’t what I expected. I ordered ruby thinking it would be a soft red color but it’s definitely more pink than red. I’d describe it as a dark salmon. So people will probably think my dog is a girl, but oh well lol. It’s not necessarily a con, but I wanted to mention it in case anyone is debating which color to buy.

Overall, I really like the harness and can’t wait to get a 2nd one so I can (somewhat) comfortably walk my two big dogs by myself :) Finally a harness I DON’T regret buying!

Lifetime Collar
D.P. (Brooklyn, US)
Good warranty

Great collar , Dog show how ate it , got it fixed with warranty

Lifetime Harness
V.O. (Norwalk, US)
Amazing Harness BUT my Dog Still Pulls!

I have a 90 pound insanely active Siberian Husky who is 8 years old. He's a puller alright! I've tried everything! I came across the Lifetime harness and I loved the quality, material, style, and simplicity! But, my dog STILL PULLS! D-Ring on the front OR back? Don't matter he still pulls. Also, the handle on the leash is a little bit rough for my gave my hand blisters because of the roughness of the leash handle. I would love if APC came up with a No-pull harness design even for the worst, untrained, hyper-active, BIG dog pullers in this world cause that would facilitate everything so much. If the handle can be padded or made our of a soft silicone material that would be a lot better too. Cause trust me, it's exhausting walking my dog!! NOTHING HAS WORKED THUS FAR!!!!

Lifetime Collar
C.O. (Elizabethtown, US)
No more mats

Our straight long haired Mini Bernedoodle kept getting mats behind his ears. Since switching to this collar, no more matting. He wears it all the time and it is no problem to get his harness over it.

Lifetime Bowl
Awesome, light & High Tech

We love the compact, lightweight design of this so much more than the previous expanding rigid bowls we've used! Lighter, sleeker and way cool!

Lifetime Pouch
Blake (Los Angeles, US)

Love these products, I take my lifetime leash on every backpacking trip me and Leo go on! The quality of these products in unmatched.

Lifetime Leash
N.Y. (San Francisco, US)

I'm a bit obsessed with leashes and am always looking for the right one, and I finally found it! Why are leashes generally made at 6ft? 5 is the perfect length for loose leash walks! I love how this leash is easy to wrap around your hand if you're pulling the dog in or comfortable in your palm at full length. Slight rope burn if she sees a squirrel but that's not the leashes fault :)

Lifetime Leash
Patricia C. (Nashville, US)
Best leash ever

I had been looking for a leash for several weeks after my newly adopted Cocker was able to unhook two different leashes , love the clasp on this leash so far, he’s a puller , the leash is lightweight yet strong and 5 ft is a great length for a puller ( less to yank around) I will be ordering the collar to match and probably the 8 ft for training purposes. Thank You for this leash , the clasp is perfect and what I was looking for .

Lifetime Harness
Bee B.M. (Boca Raton, US)
Great harness for a strong dog in Florida heat

The Atlas harness is awesome. It is made of a lightweight strong material and is SO SO easy to get on and off. Plus unlike most harnesses, it is lightweight - so my Boxer is not sweating in the Florida humidity due to the harness weight.

Lifetime Bowl
Danny D. (Bozeman, US)
Perfect for hiking and backpacking

It practically doesn’t exist it’s so small and light. Definitely saves some room and is way better than the usual packable rubbery bowls in terms of weight.

Lifetime Harness
Doreen Y. (Winter Springs, US)
Quality at its BEST

This gear is perfect for dogs of all sizes. I started out with the harness, leash and poop bag for my bigger dog and quickly realized that I need a set for my wirehair dachshund. You will not be disappointed!

Poop Bags
Steph M. (Denver, US)
Great quality!

I bought a box of the APC poop bags to go into my lifetime pouch. They feel much more durable than the poop bags I am used to using. Definitely a product I will buy again!

Lifetime Leash
D.y. (Ojai, US)
Lifetime leash 👍

I was very impressed with the rope leash with a little weight , you feel like you are holding a leash . I have searched many rope leashes for my bassets hounds : I was was worried about the cost ( it’s only a leash lol ) I was very impressed with the quality and loved the website ; I would buy a leash from Atlas pet company again ,

Poop Bags
K.H. (New York, US)
Perfect bags for Atlas Pouch

The bags are super sleek and easy to open. They also fit nicely inside the pouch and are easy to install. If you get the Atlas pouch, it'd definitely worth just getting the bags to go with it.

Lifetime Pouch
Christopher H. (Langhorne, US)
Rugged and Durable

With our black labrador Otis approaching his first birthday, we had already moved through an assortment of different material leashes the last several months. What struck our attention about the Lifetime leash (beyond the obvious manufacturer guarantee) was the climbing rope concept and the fact there is an 8' option. The leash has exceeded expectations thus far, whether we are on the trail and merely taking Otis to a local brewery. A durable leash, particularly if you have a strong pup.

Lifetime Kit
Heather W. (Phoenix, US)
Helps the rolls!

Great on my pups that is part bulldog/sharpei and has love rolls on her neck! It doesn’t squish her neck! Cannot wait to collect all the colors, thanks Atlas!

Lifetime Harness
Eunice S. (Lakewood, US)
Bought it for all my families dogs

Easy to put on and off with the magnetic clasp. I love this clasp.

Lifetime Harness
Kiara G. (Austin, US)
It’s so good!!

This harness is easy to put on and helps so much with the pulling situation. My pet doesn’t seem to mind it compared to other harnesses where she would scratch all the time!

Lifetime Harness
Nicole K. (Melbourne, AU)
Love this product!!

Charli is a bit of a puller, not a freight train, but does pull. She's loves this harness, it fits well and clips on and off with ease - no fiddling around.

Lifetime Lite Collar
Joe (Chicago, US)
We love it!

Our pet and I love Atlas products and this collar is no different. Great for everyday use and wears extremely well.

Lifetime Leash
Barbara P. (Wellfleet, US)
Great leash

Had one similar with our last Golden so knew what I was looking for. This met my needs and exceeded my expectations. Worth the price.

Lifetime Pouch
Juleen S.
Nice accessory

I kept putting off buying this. I just wasn't sure I needed it. I wish I had bought it sooner. Now, I don't have to remember to grab bags every time I leave with my dog. I'm not finding bags in every coat pocket. It's lightweight and doesn't get in the way on the leash. It's easy to get the bags in the pouch.

Lifetime Collar
Taylor K. (Knoxville, US)
My favorite collars

I bought these in a couple different colors. I love the rope look, and how durable they are. Dislike that you can't trade up in size anymore like you could before. My puppy outgrew her collar right away. And the collars do fade with normal wear, so that's sad. But definitely will be buying more if I need them.