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Common Questions

Are your products indestructible?

Unfortunately not. While the materials we use are more durable than most, because they're still made from rope or webbing, your dog can still damage them. Our products are designed to be rebuilt and repaired for life, you just have to send it in.

Is chewing covered under warranty?

Absolutely. We know dogs can surprise us with creative ways of destroying your favorite things. We built our products to be repaired and reuse the clamps & hardware, but if they've somehow managed to destroy the whole thing, we'll replace your item for life.

Is a puppy outgrowing their collar covered under warranty?

Sure is. We love watching your pup grow up, and because our collars are designed to be rebuilt, we're able to swap out the rope/webbing when your pup outgrows it.

Is a puppy outgrowing their harness covered under warranty?

Unfortunately because almost every piece of webbing is different between the different sizes, the harnesses are unable to be rebuilt for sizing.

How do I process a repair or exchange?

All repairs are processed through our Repairs & Return form. We'll cover postage to ship the repaired gear back to you, but you'll have to cover postage on items more than 30 days old. 

How long does a repair or exchange take?

We do our best to process repairs and exchanges within 7-10 days of receiving them.

What do I need to send back with my warranty repair item?

In order for us to process your repair as soon as possible, we ask that you include your order number and return address with your item. If you're repairing a collar or harness, also include your size.

Can I change colors when I send my gear in for repair?

No, all products are rebuilt in their original color unless the color has been discontinued.

Does the Lifetime Collar fit small dogs?

The Lifetime Collar was designed with larger dogs in mind and might seem bulkier on dogs under 15lbs. We recommend our new Lifetime Lite adjustable collars for smaller pups. 

What size would be better for X breed pup that's Y months old?

We recommend measuring your existing collar to figure out the best size for your pup. Because the collar is designed to slip over your dog's head, be sure to add some length so it's still comfortable to slip on. The Lifetime Collar is designed to sit a little looser on their neck, so if you think they're between sizes, chose the larger size. We also recommend our new Lifetime Lite adjustable collars for pups that fall between sizes.

Can the Lifetime Collar be used without a harness?

Because our Lifetime Collars are a fixed length and designed to fit a little looser, they'll be able to wiggle out of it if they're determined enough. In order to keep your best friend by your side, we recommend only using the collar for tags, lights, and other accessories, and using a harness to secure your dog.

Can we make a traffic lead with two handles?

Yes, we recently released the Lifetime Air Leash with a second handle near the clip in both 4' and 6' lengths.

Can we make reflective leashes or collars?

Unlike other "climbing rope" dog products, all of our leashes and collars are made from real climbing rope which isn't offered in reflective options because of durability and ultimately safety. Because of this, we recommend our Lifetime Harness that uses reflective stitched webbing throughout.

Do you offer slip leads?

Everything we offer is listed on our site. 🙂

Do we sell to resellers/distributors?

Because of our unique warranty, we're focusing on working directly with our customers in order to guarantee the best experience possible.

How do I clean my gear?

We know dogs can get into all sorts of dirty situations! We recommend using a mild dish detergent like Dawn in a warm bath of water, but there are also specific cleaners for rope that work very well. Let your leash dry by hanging over the shower, but avoid hanging it in direct sunlight. Since we only use premium climbing rope, here's a short video from our friends at REI on how they wash rope.

How long does it take to get my gear after I've made a new order?

We're still a small operation and a long way from Amazon-style logistics. We process orders twice a week, so sometimes it goes out the same day and sometimes it can be a few days after you've placed your order. We appreciate your patience, but if it seems like it's taking longer than it should, feel free to reach out to and we're happy to look into it!

Is return shipping covered for international orders?

No, unfortunately we can only provide free return shipping on orders shipped within the US.

I lost the collar/leash after it got severely broken, can I get a refund/repair from it?

Because we reuse as much of the existing gear as possible, you'll need to send back something in order for us to try to repair it. If it looks like nothing can be salvaged, we'll send you a replacement, but in order to prevent abuse of our incredibly liberal return policy, we require all warranty repairs to start with a package from you.

We've tried to think of everything but if you don't see an answer to your question above, send us a message at!