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Handmade in Colorado

Constantly dissatisfied with other collar and leash options in their travels, Sam and Atlas decided it was time to solve this problem in their own way. Sam started making APC leashes in his San Francisco Apartment, and APC was born. While being able to repair the leash is top of mind in the original design, the goal was to make a simple, aesthetically pleasing, durable product that is easy to take anywhere you and your pup go. Our team has since grown and improved, now residing in Golden, CO where all our gear is made in house by a small talented team of individuals.

Performance Materials

Our dissatisfaction with overseas-made low quality gear has led us here, and after extensive prototyping and rigorous testing, we’re excited to share what we came up with. With APC, you can give your best friend the best gear—durable products, made in America, that don’t cut corners on quality. We use high performance materials like authentic dynamic climbing rope, dyneema fabric, marine grade steel, northpak fabric, and more which allows our gear to stand up to the toughest conditions while being backed by a Lifetime Warranty.