atlas pet company silver lifetime leashes hanging from manufacturing rack

Quality Over Quantity

Our products are handcrafted in the Rocky Mountains from the same technical materials we learned to rely on ourselves, and attention to detail only found in small-batch American production. After going through all of the products we tried, we decided to make better dog gear by ourselves. The secret to our quality? Using the best materials available, because most dog gear is made to be thrown away.

Atlas Pet Company Dynamic Climbing Rope

Real Climbing Rope

There are a lot of brands that throw the term "Climbing Rope Dog Leash" around as if all rope is the same. The reality is you wouldn't trust your own life with the "climbing rope" they use. Every rope product we sell uses real, premium, dynamic climbing rope made by the actual inventors of climbing rope, Edelrid, in a small town in the Alps. We build our products to the same standards you'd expect for yourself; your dogs don't deserve any less.

Atlas Pet Company Fidlock

Magnetic Buckles Designed for Safety

The Fidlock V-Buckle was developed for where security is key. Despite it's easy magnetic closure, the buckle is self-securing: the more force against it, the more force that's required to open it. Because getting your pup ready for a walk shouldn't slow you down.

atlas pet company high quality materials made in golden colorado with lifetime warranty

Ultralight, Water-tight & Extra Durable

Dyneema Composite Fabric is a ultra-lightweight, fully waterproof textile made from a non-woven matrix of Dyneema fibers laminated to a layer of mylar that provides an incredible strength-to-weight ratio and a translucent appearance. Because of these properties while still being food safe, it's used across our Lifetime Bowls.

Atlas Pet Company Ecopak Material

Reinforced Fabric from Recycled Plastic Bottles

EcoPak™ by Challenge Sailcloth, is the only 100% recycled polyester fabric that is both durable and waterproof. EcoPak uses a multi-ply construction with woven backing and contains no harmful TPU, PVC, DWR or other coatings. EcoPak fabric has no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) to pollute the air, land or sea. This eco-friendly fabric is lightweight and flexible, designed to stand up against high abrasion, making it perfect for our Lifetime Pouch.

Atlas Pet Company Hypalon Material

Built to Withstand the Elements

Hypalon was primarily used in whitewater rafting but has become more popular in other outdoor products for it's durability and being resistant to fading. It's used for our Lifetime Loop as well as various tags.

atlas pet company lifetime collar clamps with screws

Made in America

We follow a few rules: Create the best dog gear possible, turning premium materials into incredible products. Have a small team under one roof that's proud of the work they do. And never sacrifice quality for cost by using less than perfect materials. The result? Dog products born, tested, and proudly made right here in Colorado.