Andrew Muse & Kicker skating away into the Fall foliage

Andrew and Kicker enjoying the final days of fall with a quick skate amongst the leaves.

Dog Gear for Life on the Road

While Sam and Atlas were traveling full time in the earlier days of APC, they were regularly meeting other dogs and their owners along the way. People to share stories with, to share experiences with,...

Is Your Retractable Dog Leash Dangerous?

Is a retractable leash the best option for you and your pup? In this post, we are going to break down the weaknesses of retractable leashes and why you should invest in a secure, fixed or adjustable leash.

The Atlas-Approved List of the 5 Best Dog-Friendly Offices in America

We’ve all had One of Those Days at work: a project falls apart. You lose a file for a big client presentation. A colleague snags the last jelly donut. On days like these, all we want to do is get home and hug our dogs. But what if you only have to go as far as your desk to get some face licks and comforting cuddles?

The Top Five Towns for Dog Lovers

“Love where you live,” they say. For us here at Atlas, that means finding a home with easy access to trails, beautiful weather, and proximity to a few decent microbreweries. Most importantly, though, it means being able to spend as much time with our four-legged best friends as possible. We asked the experts and did our research to find the best towns in America for dog lovers - we think you’ll agree that the five spots we discovered sound like canine heaven.

Feed the Beast: The 6 Supplements Every Active Dog Needs - Plus our Favorite Dog Treat Recipe

We spend a lot of time thinking about how to fuel up for our next adventure. Whey or soy protein in our green juice? How do I choose an energy bar with a low-glycemic index? Should we be ingesting those weird gel pack thingies?

But what about your four-legged activity partner? Active dogs can benefit from a few key supplements in their diet, too. We consulted some experts to find out what you can do to help your dog fuel up for his next big adventure.

The Atlas Guide to Running With Dogs

Ah, running. There’s nothing like the rush of endorphins, the wind in your hair… and your pup pacing along at your heels. Here at Atlas, we believe that lacing up and hitting the road is infinitely more fun when your four-legged best friend is by your side. Here our essential tips for getting your kicks in with your favorite canine.

Dog Bed to 5k: the Lazy Dog’s Guide to Getting Fit

At Atlas Pet Company, we know the best adventures are the ones you take with your dog. With our guide to getting your dog back in fighting shape, you’ll be hitting the trails together in no time.

5 Training Tips for Van Life Dog Owners

Van life with your dog can be the greatest adventure. You can get out, explore new places, and create so many new, fun memories with your best friend. Unfortunately, the leap to a van lifestyle also comes with potential safety hazards and dangerous situations for a dog. At Atlas Pet Co, we’ve spent many months living and working in a dog-filled van, and we learned so many valuable tips along the way.