How to Choose and Fit a Dog Collar and Harness

Now that you know what gear your dog needs and why, the fun part: shopping for a leash, collar, and harness. Overwhelmed by colors, sizes, and straps? We’re here to help.

Collar vs. Harness - Why Your Dog Needs Both

The modern pup has a lot of fashion choices these days - collars come in every imaginable color and material, and the rise of the harness has made it ever-so-easy for your dog to express himself through his “wardrobe.” Choosing the right gear for your four-legged best friend is about much more than style, though. We here at Atlas believe that outfitting your pup with both a collar AND a harness is essential to his health and safety. Read on for our easy guide to when, how, and why your dog should gear up.

The Atlas Guide to Biking with your Dog

You’ve seen them rolling around your neighborhood and tearing up the trails - the cool dogs in the bike gang, trotting along with their cyclist humans like they’re training for the Tour. Wonder if your pup could ever earn his maillot jaune? The Atlas team put together this guide so you can make the most out of your days on the trail biking with your dog. 

The Atlas Guide to Hiking with your Dog

Hitting the trails is always an adventure, but the joy of the trek is always more exciting when you can share it with your pup . The Atlas team put together these essential tips to help your dog release his inner mountain goat.

Life With The Adventure Squad: 1 Highway, 2 Pups, and the Guy Who Rescued Them

Zeus and Sedona were alone in the middle of a two-lane highway when Kahana found them. Ever since, they've been on a wild ride through the U.S. This is their story.

Tips and Tricks for Tiring Out Your High Energy Pup

Tiring out a high energy dog can feel overwhelming if you’re unsure of how to do it. We’ve put together our tops tricks to teach you how to work with your active pup.

Ambassador Feature: Breeze Turner

Behind every leash we make, every collar we ship, is someone like you. We’re a brand built on dog people. Our family extends far beyond Atlas, with a team of Ambassadors who embody our vision and brand every day.

Tips & Tricks for First Time Dog Owners: How to Prepare for a Puppy

Life with your shotgun rider is on the horizon, but before you bring home a new pup you need to be prepared. Our tips for first time dog owners will help you get ready.

Tips & Tricks for Road tripping with your pup!

Hitting the road with your pup should be about adventure. About loading up the car, rolling down the windows. In case you missed it on our Instagram story, we’ve got you covered with our top three tips for making sure your active dog adventure goes as smoothly as possible.