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3 More Perfect Road Trips to Take with your Dog

Posted by Sam Alter on
While we know that an extreme, Atlas-style adventure isn’t for everyone, we believe that every pup deserves an exciting journey to an undiscovered place with his person - even if it’s just for the weekend.

What Exactly is an E-Collar?

Posted by Sam Alter on
More and more, dog owners are turning to e-collars to keep their pups safe in the great outdoors. On one hand, it’s a brilliant solution - a hands-free device to summon your furry pal when voice command fails. On the other, we had concerns: is it safe? Is it humane?

The Top Five Towns for Dog Lovers

Posted by Sam Alter on
“Love where you live,” they say. For us here at Atlas, that means finding a home with easy access to trails, beautiful weather, and proximity to a few decent microbreweries. Most importantly, though, it means being able to spend as much time with our four-legged best friends as possible. We asked the experts and did our research to find the best towns in America for dog lovers - we think you’ll agree that the five spots we discovered sound like canine heaven.

Is Your Retractable Dog Leash Dangerous?

Posted by Sam Alter on
Is a retractable leash the best option for you and your pup? In this post, we are going to break down the weaknesses of retractable leashes and why you should invest in a secure, fixed or adjustable leash.

The Atlas Guide to Camping with Dogs

Posted by Sam Alter on
Nothing beats getting back to nature with your beastly best friend - the crisp breeze in your fur, untouched trees to mark, hot dogs roasting over an open fire. It isn’t just a matter of packing some kibble and bringing the double-wide sleeping bag, though. With our expert tips, you and your pup will surely be happy campers.