Dog Gear Built To Last

Atlas the black lab sitting in the APC warehouse in Golden Colorado

At Atlas Pet Company, we understand the relationship you have with your best friend. Everything we do is driven by a passion for quality and an undeniable love for our own dogs. APC stands behind everything we make and that is why we offer a Lifetime Guarantee. All of our gear is “Guaranteed for Life, even if your pup destroys it ®.”

Constantly dissatisfied with other collar and leash options in their travels, Sam and Atlas decided it was time to solve this problem in their own way. Sam started making APC leashes in his San Francisco Apartment, and APC was born. While being able to repair the leash is top of mind in the original design, the goal was to make a simple, aesthetically pleasing product that is easy to take anywhere you and your pup go. 

Atlas Pet Company Dog Gear Built To Last Blog with bartack machine manufacturing Lifetime Lite Collar in Colorado

No new dog owner wants to have to buy multiple leashes and collars. Whether it's because your pup is outgrowing their collar through a growth spurt, or playfully chewing and destroying their leash, APC’s Lifetime Guarantee has you covered.* That’s right, as your pup grows, we will resize the collar for the life of the product. All you have to do is send it back to us and we will resize the collar to the next size up!

While our warranty allows us to differentiate APC from the rest of the sea of dog products available today, it is so much more about committing to our products and to our customers. When you send your gear in for repair, our manufacturing team treats it with care to reuse as many parts as possible while rebuilding a usable product for you.

Atlas Pet Company Dog Gear Built To Last Blog showing Lifetime Leash being made by hand in Colorado

The rebuildable design of our gear allows us to reuse parts to eliminate unnecessary waste. 

We are proud to work with the Dumb Friends League in Denver, CO to provide donations for dogs in need.  

*Harnesses are the exception to this lovely perk, as they are too complicated to resize and reuse the hardware