Essential Gear for Hiking with Dogs

A dog and their owner sitting on mountain overlook while using their atlas pet company gear

Collar & Leash

This one seems like a no brainer, but the options out there for dog collars and leash are overwhelming to say the least. How are you supposed to choose! My highest priority in buying any dog gear is durability. I also think lightweight, easy to clean and quick drying are important factors when you spend a lot of time outdoors with your dog. This is for your dog’s comfort and your own sanity. When you are adventuring with your dog they are going to put gear to the test; trekking through snow and mud, swimming in lakes and laying in the dirt at camp. You don’t want to be buying new gear every few months.

For all these reasons, my dogs live in gear from Atlas Pet Company, particularly the Lifetime line. The durability and strength in the climbing rope is unmatched and will last forever. A major perk is how comfortable the rope feels in your hands. If you have ever hiked with an excited dog you know how valuable this quality is for your own enjoyment. The Lifetime collar is a fantastic collar option for off leash hiking or when paired with a harness. It is also very lightweight and easy to clean. If you prefer to secure your dog to you via a collar attachment, I highly recommend the Lifetime Lite line. This leash is fantastic for on leash hiking because it is adjustable in length and can go around your waist. The webbing and magnetic buckle is even more lightweight than climbing rope while still being easy to clean.


When I hike with my dogs on leash, I prefer to utilize a harness for their safety and comfort. A properly fitted harness is the most secure way to hike with your dog as it is almost impossible for them to slip out of, even if they spot a deer on the trail and try to make a run for it. It is also the most ergonomic piece of equipment for a dog to wear while exercising for long durations because it doesn’t restrict movement or inhibit muscle use. A harness is also the easiest and safest way to help your dog up or down an obstacle on the trail because of the design you are not putting unnecessary pressure on their head or neck. The Lifetime Harness is not only a trail necessity, but perfect for every adventure.

Treat Pouch

When I am hiking with my dogs the training never stops. I want to be able to reward and reinforce every single good decision they make on the trail. The Topo Designs Treat Bag is a fantastic way to have easy access to your high-value treats without adding any weight or bulkiness to your hiking attire. It has a wide mouth opening providing plenty of room to grab treats when you see a behavior you love. It has a drawstring to seal so you don’t drop any treats along the way and an easy to clean lining, which if you haven’t noticed yet is a feature I love in any dog-related product.


the atlas pet company lifetime pouch being held by owner in joshua tree


A bowl to give your dog water while out adventuring is a necessity, dogs can suffer from dehydration during exercise just like humans. But again, there are so many choices out there. You deserve the most lightweight and efficient option! The Lifetime Bowl is the smallest and lightest collapsible dog bowl on the market. It comes in two sizes; both of them folding up into a tiny square but fitting an impressive amount of food or water.

Poop-Related Gear

While hiking with our dogs we need to prioritize being responsible owners. One of the principles of Leave No Trace is to Pack it Out and this absolutely applies to your dog’s waste. Atlas Pet Company Poop Bags are strong, to prevent a ripping catastrophe, and larger than the average bag to make sure you don’t run out of space. I highly recommend pairing them with the Lifetime Pouch which they were designed specifically to match. This pouch will ensure you are never without a poop bag when you need one. Its sleek no-dangle and lightweight design makes it unnoticeable when it is attached to your leash. Since we all know carrying a poop bag for the remainder of your hike can be a rather unpleasant experience, I highly recommend a poop bag carrier. There are a few options out there to purchase or make yourself. The best option on the market the Lifetime Loop.