Hands-free leash adjusts to every adventure.

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L.C. (Cleveland, US)
Versatility and Functionality

I really love this leash because I have two large breed puppies and they can be a handful with two leashes constantly tangling in my hands. This leash easily separates so that I am able to wear it around my waist and it also extends to 7 feet when we hike!! I love the ability to easily attach them to something sturdy with the leash as well, with the added advantage of an area to clip things to this leash! Plus the green matches the green stitching of their APC collars!! Now I need to buy another one for my other boy!

R.C. (Somerset, US)

The buckle on the collar is awesome and the adjustable on the leash is great. Built well!

M.A. (Honolulu, US)
Super helpful!

Such a great hands free leash. Easy to use and lightweight. It has really helped stop our corgi from pulling on walks since it tightens around the waist when there’s any pressure applied, so our body weight basically holds him back instead of just trying to use all the power in one arm to guide him.

M.S. (Denver, US)
It's Great!

My boy went through a 2 month chewing phase. Lifetime guarantee certainly saved me money.

H.S. (Atlanta, US)
The Ultimate Hands Free Leash

We got our new leash a few weeks ago and I have taken my 75 pound golden doodle on a few hands free walks. It’s been awesome. I was a little nervous what would happen if I wasn’t “guiding” him and he pulled me which did happen on our 2nd outing when I was turned around to close the door. The leash slightly tightened around my waist and my dog stopped pulling. I did not fall or even trip. I feel like the possibilities are endless now that I know how to adjust the leash and the places we can take our dog.

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