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H.S. (Atlanta, US)
The Ultimate Hands Free Leash

We got our new leash a few weeks ago and I have taken my 75 pound golden doodle on a few hands free walks. It’s been awesome. I was a little nervous what would happen if I wasn’t “guiding” him and he pulled me which did happen on our 2nd outing when I was turned around to close the door. The leash slightly tightened around my waist and my dog stopped pulling. I did not fall or even trip. I feel like the possibilities are endless now that I know how to adjust the leash and the places we can take our dog.

Chris (Chicago, US)
Metal rings

Good quality harness but, the metal rings pulled my dogs hair out.

Fritz D. (Aurora, US)
This is the one.

It is all the things and more. The flexibility it offers in going hands-free is just the beginning... variable length, easy adjustment, and clever tricks (like how the clip, uh, clips to the d-ring when you go off-lead in hand-free mode (so you don't look like you have a tail)).

Also pouch for dookie-bags fits perfect.

This is the one. Serious.

Kev N. (Costa Mesa, US)
Never thought a leash could make such a huge difference! BRAVO!

never thought a leash could make such a difference! This is great! Everything from the quality and feel of the webbing material as well as the connectors and the waist feature is just perfect. On top of that the lifetime warranty puts it over the top. I would buy this again and have already gifted it to my family members who also have dogs. Thank you and I cannot recommend this enough!

Nathaniel G. (Fremont, US)
Great Leash!

I've been using this leash now for a month. I got this in the hopes that the flexibility in length would go short enough and long enough to my liking. And it does wonderfully! This also has an adjust ability on the handle. Which is fantastic. I'm not sure anyone else mentioned it, there's a small metal ring with a triangle on the outside attached to the handle. This, I'm using as the poop bag holder. Once you tie the knot on the poop bag, I pass it through and it will stay, sometimes I keep a finger on it just so I know it won't fall off But of the 4-5 leashes I have this one is my favorite.