Perfect for off-leash adventures.
atlas pet company lifetime handle clipped to black lab standing on the trail
the atlas pet company lifetime handle clipped to a dog standing on trail with man
the atlas pet company lifetime handle attached to black lab in grassy field
person holding onto their dog with the atlas pet company lifetime handle
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Designed to Be Held

This isn't "climbing rope inspired", our ropes are dry-treated dynamic climbing rope custom built by Edelrid in Germany. Why did we choose the most expensive rope? Because you're using it every day and you'll notice it.

person holding onto their dog using the atlas pet company lifetime handle
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Small Batch Production

It takes hard work to pull people together and make better things. We craft everything by hand in small batches, turning premium materials into incredible products, with a small team proud of the work they do.

atlas pet company lifetime handle attached to dog sitting on red rock overlook
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Built to Outlast Your Adventures

The Lifetime Handle uses our signature rebuildable clamps that let us repair the collar forever. We know dogs have creative ways of destroying your favorite gear, so we reuse the parts that we can, replace whatever's damaged, and make it as good as new.

atlas pet company lifetime handle attached to dog while on trail with changing leafs
APC Pro Tip

No Man Left Behind

Don’t go empty-handed on your off-leash adventure. You can secure the Lifetime Pouch to the handle clamp so you can bring bags everywhere you go.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Carolyn E. (Dallas, US)
Over the rainbow!

We now have 4 Lifetime Handles. Since my obsession with these Handles, as well as the Atlas Slipknot Collars, goes to beauty rather than utility, I wonder if this review will be useful to anyone but here I go: How many people rejoice everytime they use their keys (We use the handles for a keychain!) or take their dogs for a walk because of an overwhelming response to a product's sublime beauty, perfection. O the wonder!

Carolyn E. (Dallas, US)

Where you see a handle I see a keyring! My husband and I both use these for our car keys! The soft hand of the rope joined with the simplicity of the design delight me every time I drive!

Carolyn E. (Mesquite, US)

I am using my Lifetime Handle as a keyring, which means that (a) my keyring is big and chunky in my purse, making it super easy to find and (b) I get to enjoy the "handle's'" beauty and simplicity of design everytime I use it! Loving it!

Samantha S. (Boxborough, US)
Perfect quick grab

Perfect quick grab handle for when I am walking with my puppy who is still learning not to jump up on people (he sits it he jumps to great people). This is great to stop the jump, and has helped him learn!

Lisa G. (Aberdeen, US)
Leash,collar and handle

I have a young BIG (100lb) golden retriever that I have tried quite a few different leashes and collars. This leash and collar has Huxley listening to me, understanding and we are enjoying our walks. So happy I spent the money on everything I bought from Atlas. Highly recommend.

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