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Kyle K. (Brookline, US)
Great Set

I love this set. The ease of the collar is top notch. I love how quick and easy it is to put on and take off. I would prefer a skinnier collar option for my little pup and I am surprised at how quickly some of the black metal has scratched and worn, but otherwise it is perfect. I also love how securely the bag pouch fits to the leash and how it doesn't sway or swing loosely.

Laura J. (Rochester, US)
The perfect leash

I love being able to walk with the option of being hands-free, and to be able to attach the leash to a tree or bench or anything really.. without any worry that it’ll come apart. I also love the geeen color! We use this every day! We keep it short for city walking, and extend it all the way for trails walks.

Adam D. (San Diego, US)

Excellent leash. Love that it is hands free and you can clip to table etc. very durable and excellent colors to choose from. Has changed the way we walk our dogs!

Kathy (Wausau, US)
Bought for my pup

Bought for my 10 week old pup. I like that it can be worn around the waist for hands free training. I wish the clasp that attaches to harness/collar was lighter weight, it’s ok for mature or bigger dogs but not ideal for puppy or small dogs. Still a great leash!

JaneG (Nashville, US)
Surprised with how much I do like it

I'll be honest, when I first opened it I was disappointed because with all of the metal hardwear it didn't feel "lite" to me and then I pulled it in to the shortest length and it felt like too much fabric to keep lined up while walking him on a short lead. But, what I have come to love is the versatility of this leash. It is perhaps not the perfect leash for one thing but it is pretty good things on the sane outing. We took a walk in a crowded area so I had it short and then we went into the woods for some sniffing and I could give him so length and then we went to sit on a bench and hang and I could hook him to the leg of the bench. All is one! It is well made and versatile!

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