Lifetime Warranty

Our leashes for dogs are guaranteed for life, even if your pup destroys it.®

Handmade in Colorado

Pet leashes born, tested, and proudly made right here in Golden, Colorado.

Choosing your Atlas Leash

From the coffee shop to the back country, we all have adventures waiting to experience. Here's a breakdown of our best dog leashes so you know what's best for you.

$ 68.00 USD

We make our Lifetime Leashes for dog owners who want the best. Our rope, clamps, and stainless steel swivel clip are designed to be repairable and made with premium materials to last for life.

$ 68.00 USD

The Lifetime Lite collection is full of hands free dog leashes that are flexible and versatile for any adventure. They have an adjustable webbing and a D-ring that let you customize your leash to suit your pet's needs.

$ 64.00 USD

Our Lifetime Air collection is a shorter, lightweight leash that's one of the best dog leashes for wet environments. It's made with crack, fade, and stretch-resistant Biothane, and a stainless clip and hardware.