Dog Gear for Life on the Road

van life in the snow

While Sam and Atlas were traveling full time in the earlier days of APC, they were regularly meeting other dogs and their owners along the way. People to share stories with, to share experiences with, and to share the dog lifestyle with. For APC, this was a great opportunity to spread the word about the brand and talk through some of the dog gear frustrations that existed with other dog owners.

First Impressions

I first met Sam and Atlas in Jackson, WY. As van dwellers often do, we were connected through another group of van dwellers. Three vans, three dogs, and 6 people met for the first time at Snake River Brewing in the heart of Jackson. After getting to know Sam, I immediately felt his passion for APC and for being a dog owner. 

Sam was kind enough to leave Denali and I with some APC gear for our travels. Upon thorough use right off the bat, the gear exceeded my expectations, specifically when comparing it to the quality and reliability of traditional leashes and collar offerings. I was never really fond of the gear I already had to keep Denali secure for a walk or a hike. I had ignored the fact that quality gear is worth investing in, especially when it can aid in the safety and security of my pet. I quickly learned that most pet gear wasn’t made well at all, and that Denali I both were grateful to have such secure gear at our disposal.

two dogs and their owners in the snow 

Traveling with APC

Everywhere Denali and I traveled, I always reached for the APC gear. I am an extrovert, and having a dog is a common conversation starter. One of my favorite things about being a dog owner is meeting other dog owners. Most people we encountered commented on the APC gear we carried. The quality, the style, we were always getting asked about the products we had. This happened at dog parks, restaurants, and hikes deep in the mountains; no matter where we went, we had our APC gear and conversations about the gear became a regular occurence.

Let’s face it, as a dog owner, we use pet gear frequently. Leashes, collars, harnesses, and many more items become a common purchase. The APC line strives to provide you with the last gear you’ll need to buy, ensuring that you have the best gear at all times. The best part is that it’s all backed by the Lifetime Guarantee. How many leashes or collars have you bought in the last year?

Van life presented lots of compromises to the day to day like, but simultaneously, it allowed much more adventure. Having a dog along for the ride made the adventure all the more fun, and I know Sam and Atlas would both agree! Through our few years on the road, our APC gear stood up to all kinds of weather and adventure.

Being a dog owner is a lifestyle. We choose to care for these animals on a day to day basis, and having reliable gear that you know you can depend on is a huge upgrade from the PetSmart leash you carry in your car. Atlas Pet Company’s mission is to develop the best quality gear by hand, right here in America.