Tips & Tricks for Road tripping with your pup!

Tips & Tricks for Road tripping with your pup! | Atlas Pet Company

Hitting the road with your pup should be about adventure. About loading up the car, rolling down the windows. In case you missed it on our Instagram story, we’ve got you covered with our top three tips for making sure your active dog adventure goes as smoothly as possible.


If your long hikes and lake days end in a hotel, plan ahead and make sure your accommodations are dog-friendly. Checking before your make your reservation is an easy way to know your best friend will be welcomed at check-in, no problem.


When it comes to car travel, our second and third tips keep them safe and entertained. For long hauls, it’s a good idea to pack toys or treats; if you think that six-hour leg sounds long, do your backseat partner a favor and bring something for the ride.


While you’re at it, double-check they’re not able to roam around during the trip. For your safety and the safety of your pup, it’s best to keep all paws inside the vehicle.

Hopefully with these tips, you and your pup are ready for adventures on the road ahead!

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