No-pull harness designed for active dogs.

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Jenny G. (Fort Wayne, US)

We Love the ease of the magnetic clip. Our pooton used to fight us about putting on a harness this atlas harness he stands and no running after him. We do see him trying to chew on it and even has had some marks on it from that. Sometimes he will be lying in the grass next to us we leave it on we are outside of course than he will be quietly chewing it. So for that reason we appreciate the warranty it does fray . But we are ordering another it's just so easy to use.

George S. (Rock Hill, US)
Looks great

Got the Lifetime kit and looks great. I have a black Giant Schnauzer and the Honey collar looks fantastic on him. He is only 5 months old and got the 18 inch but will have to get a larger one soon. I wish they had an exchange program so that the fixed length collar could be traded as puppy grows.

M.M. (Aurora, US)
It’s great!

I keep falling and breaking myself and I really needed equipment (the leash won’t work I can’t pinch that well) that I could get on and off my dog easily, while I was in a cast and recovering. This works great!

Jill S. (Clarksville, US)
Best harness

The harness is great.! It stoppedFranklin from pulling right away. I’m ordering another one for my other poodle. I highly recommend!!

Millie (San Francisco, US)
Tried and True - Best Harness For Active Dogs

We've struggled to find the perfect harness for our active Australian Shepherd. We've tried various brands but all of them seemed to lack something - either too complicated to put on, bulky, or ill-fitting. However, we've finally found the ultimate solution - a harness that ticks all the boxes! The magnetic clasp is a brilliant feature that makes putting on and taking off the harness a breeze while keeping it secure. The harness is also highly adjustable and our dog is very comfortable wearing it.

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