Lightweight, waterproof & extra durable biothane leash.

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R.B. (Evanston, US)
Beautiful color and nice quality

I received this leash in exchange for a review, and I am delighted to report that I absolutely love the leash! It is the perfect width and weight and the color is stunning. The hardware is sturdy and functional. Yeah remains aesthetically pleasing. This would make a stunning set with a matching collar! Or mix and match with other colors- so many options!

F.O. (Louisville, US)
Great lightweight biothane leash!

We are loving this leash. The biothane is a nice width and is super lightweight. I chose the 4ft length and it has been great for running when I have one dog on a waist leash and the other by my side. Truthfully the length is great in general for my dog who tends to stay close by.

E.M. (Denver, US)
Grippy biothane!

Great leash– really packable so I can bring it even on off-leash trail runs and works well for around town use. It's also the grippiest biothane I've used, which is awesome for wet or muddy days. Quickly becoming my favorite around-town leash for the dogs too!

M.Y. (Englewood, US)
easy to use lightweight leash

lightweight, comfortable hand loop, can easily be hooked to a waist leash - this leash is perfect honestly. great for loose leash walking or for when you just want to keep your dog close
to you. it’s durable and the lifetime warranty from APC can’t be beat.

A.C. (Denver, US)
Love this leash

This such a great leash love the quality of the biothane as well as the hardware. I know this leash is going to last a long time.

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