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Shane (Houston, US)
Great Quality

Leash is Light weight and durable. Works well for both my small and large dog. Like the lifetime warranty as well, great insurance if you have a puppy or dog that likes to chew.

Richard C. (Evansville, US)
Just the best

My puppy chewed the first one and, they replaced it no questions asked.

Beatriz (Potomac, US)
Awesome leash!!

Haven’t tried it yet. But seems very sturdy. I also love the color.

J.C. (Madison, US)
Well Made But Not For Wet Climates

The leash is built like a tank. Quality construction is clear the moment you open the bag. The weave on the leash is tight. The connectors and covers are solid chunks of plastic with tight screws and well fitted joins. It's comfortable to use, and the 8 foot was the perfect length for both side by side walking and letting my pup head off into the brush for some serious sniffing.

My only complaint is that if you live in a wet climate, the leash becomes very heavy. It soaks up water like a sponge. I live in WI and we are having a rainy Fall. On a 2 mile walk it feels like the leash weights 5 lbs within just a few minutes, and it takes hours to dry because of how tight the rope weave is. I know that Atlas sells a waterproof leash as well. I just wish this style lead wasn't as easily soaked.

Anonymous (Ajax, CA)
The greatest leash

Awesome material and quality. Strong enough for my XL!

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