The Atlas-Approved List of the 5 Best Dog-Friendly Offices in America

The Atlas-Approved List of the 5 Best Dog-Friendly Offices in America | Atlas Pet Company

We’ve all had One of Those Days at work: a project falls apart. You lose a file for a big client presentation. A colleague snags the last jelly donut.

On days like these, all we want to do is get home and hug our dogs. But what if you only have to go as far as your desk to get some face licks and comforting cuddles?

We started Atlas Pet Company to celebrate dogs, and - it’s no secret - to spend more quality time with ours. Having spent many months living and working from a dog-filled van while building our company, we’re not surprised that dog-friendly offices are catching on - studies have shown that having your pup by your side at work reduces stress dramatically. Not only that - dogs can make your team work better together. Pups encourage social interaction at the office, and that increased communication adds up to better collaboration and increased performance when compared to dogless offices.

Need a midday pick-me-up at work? Don’t reach for another coffee - just look at your dog. Research has shown that simply making eye contact with your pup promotes the release of the stress-busting hormone oxytocin.

So… time for a career change? The Atlas team compiled this list of our favorite dog-friendly offices in the country to inspire your journey.

Dogs Apply Here: The Top Dog-Friendly Offices 

1. Atlas Pet Company

We figured it only appropriate to kick this list off with our place of work. In December of 2020, APC relocated from a few hundred sq. ft to a ~3,000 sq. ft warehouse in the Foothills of Golden, Colorado. Our new headquarters is definitely one of the top-friendly dog offices in the country.

While Atlas manages his peers on the day to day, he also gets regular visits from his APC dog friends! "Wednesday Walks" are coming to life in 2021, and the employees of APC invite all customers and followers of the brand to join them on a short morning hike in the Foothills (with their dogs of course!). Follow us on Instagram for more info! 

Want to pick up your order in person or have a repair done? Give us a call or shoot us an email for more information. We will be opening up a retail space for in-store shopping in 2021, stay tuned!


2. Clif Bar

It makes sense that the folks at Clif Bar would understand work-life balance - their products are designed to allow us to work AND play harder. That’s why it comes as no surprise that at the company’s Emeryville, CA headquarters, every day is “Take your Dog to Work Day.” Clif was a trailblazer in the field - pups have been welcome at the office since the company was founded in 1992.

According to Jennifer Freitas, the Director of People, Learning, and Engagement at the company, “we want to create an environment where employees can be themselves and live full lives at work.” One of Clif Bar’s company “aspirations” is to “sustain our people,” and creating a dog-friendly office does just that.

Clif also strives to “sustain our community,” and grants employees paid time off to volunteer at animal shelters. The company consistently donates to dog welfare, and following the devastating 2018 Camp Fire in Northern California, Clif created the Responder Fund to help the community rebuild. The first recipient of a $1.5 million donation? The Butte Humane Society, which will have a brand-new, state-of-the-art facility by 2020 thanks to the pup lovers at Clif.


3. Tito’s Handmade Vodka

It’s no secret that Austin, TX, is delightfully dog-friendly - that’s why we named it one of our Best Five Towns in America for Dog Lovers. It makes perfect sense, then, that the pup advocates at Tito’s are headquartered in the city.

Tito Beveridge, the company’s founder, began his career crafting vodka at his Mockingbird Distillery with employee #2, his yellow Lab mix, DogJo, constantly by his side. Inspired by her companionship and support, Tito continued the tradition when his business blew up, empowering his growing ranks of employees to bring their pups to work.

Tito’s believes so strongly in the canine-human connection that it started its “Vodka for Dog People” program. Visit the dedicated website to shop for playful Tito’s dog gear, like a plush vodka bottle - just like the ones the office dogs play with. Every cent of the proceeds goes to animal welfare initiatives.

If you score a job at Tito’s, your dog will be welcomed with open arms (and paws). The company’s headquarters has a dedicated dog park outside, and you might even end up with a new pup intern - Tito’s has found homes for over 70 animals, many of whom were rescued from the vicinity surrounding the company headquarters, and most of whom were rescued by employees. Who knows - maybe you’ll adopt Tito’s next “Cowoofer of the Month.”

So you snagged a job at Tito’s and your pup doesn’t know what to wear for his first day of work? A Lifetime Collar and Leash set in the company’s signature orange, of course. You can thank us later with a bottle or two.


4. The Honest Kitchen

Three words: Dog. Taste. Testers.

The Honest Kitchen was founded by Lucy Postins back in 2000 when she realized her dog’s health issues seemed suspiciously linked to his food. When her human-grade, whole food products started taking off, Lucy knew that she had to build a company of passionate dog lovers, she had to create an office that catered to their four-legged best friends.

These days, there are nearly as many dogs as humans at Honest Kitchen HQ. Pups receive their own list of benefits, like in-office “paw-dicures,” beach days, twice-daily walk breaks, and a limitless supply of company treats. Some Honest Kitchen employees would say that their office dogs are the stars of the show - and after watching this video the team made, we dare you to argue.

The best part: the “co-woofers” at Honest Kitchen get to be the first to sample new products while they’re being developed. If those treats aren’t delicious enough to impress this team of picky pups, the product doesn’t make it to market. Where the tastebuds of the country’s canines are concerned, these brave working dogs are putting in the hard work.


5. Rover

It’s no surprise that this digital dog-sitting platform welcomes pups with open arms. Rover offers some of the most unique pup perks we’ve found, though - from a $1000 bonus to employees who adopt a dog to covering a percentage of pet-sitting costs when team members travel for work.

Didn’t plan well for that 10am coffee break walk? AND it’s pouring? No worries - just grab a leash and doggy rain jacket from the stash the office keeps on hand. Pup feeling like a lunchtime game of fetch, instead? Raid the company toy exchange and play away.

Rover rewards employees for using their company platform, too. Team members can earn extra paid time off by using the app to sit for other dogs. This company truly goes above and beyond to help their pup-loving workforce get their canine fix.

Dust the dog fur off that resume - or don’t!

If you have a special pup in your life, it’s never been a better time to find an office that allows him in your cubicle. Or, for the adventurous at heart, you can always start your own business that allows you to choose your own pup perks - from mandatory treat breaks to setting off across the continent on an epic road trip together while you work. Trust us - you won’t be sorry.