Life With The Adventure Squad: 1 Highway, 2 Pups, and the Guy Who Rescued Them

Life With The Adventure Squad: 1 Highway, 2 Pups, and the Guy Who Rescued Them | Atlas Pet Company

“Look at these guys! Look at you! What is your deal? Who are you guys?”

Those are the first words YouTube and Instagram personality Jordan Kahana said to the two 8 week old puppies he met on a desert highway in the middle of nowhere Arizona. Jordan sat down with us to tell us how it all happened.

“Back in December 2016 I went on a road trip to cap off the year, create some personal travel content and meet up with friends along the way. On my way up to the Grand Canyon on December 27, 50 miles south of Page Arizona (horseshoe bend / Antelope Canyon) I was forced to swerve out of the two-lane highway for two 8-week old pups.”

Watch the real footage above.

Ever since, Jordan Kahana has taken his two pups, Zeus and Sedona, on a wild ride through the US. Coming face to face with brilliant sunsets, cool street art, and even the occasional dragon, these dogs have seen it all.

The Adventure Squad: Jordan, Zeus, Sedona

Meet the Pups: Zeus and Sedona, German Shepherd Cattledog Mixes

Jordan quit his job, and takes what he’s coined as the Adventure Squad on hikes to gorgeous summits across the Nation.

Atla Pet Co. Ambassador Sedona

Sedona is: “Sedona - Curious. Affectionate. Instigator (playing with zeus. barking at animals). Sassy. Stubborn. Loves birds. Steals balls and toys from Zeus. The cute one. “fan favorite”. Athletic (more athletic than Zeus)”

According to her DNA test, Sedona is 18.5% Australian Cattledog, 16% German Shepherd, 15% Lab, and a bit of Cocker Spaniel, Chow Chow, Staffordshire Terrier, and Collie.

Atlas Pet Co. Ambassador Zeus

Zeus is: “Zeus - Adventurous. Eager. Clumsy. Whiner. Protector of Sedona (especially when they need obedience). Loves squirrels. Playful. Needy (he whines a lot, but just wants a belly rub most of the time and if you’re petting Sedona he needs to get in there)”

According to his DNA test, Zeus is 20.2% German Shepherd, 14.7% Australian Cattledog, 12.8% Lab, and a bit of Cocker Spaniel, Chow Chow, Staffordshire Terrier, and Collie as well.

Curious, always smiling, and sweet as can be, Zeus and Sedona love every dog and person they meet. You can see them cheesin’ in their Atlas Lifetime collars and leashes on Kahana’s Instagram.

Adventure Days With Jordan Kahana’s Adventure Squad

35 states and thousands of miles later, Kahana still films the daily adventures of his crew. He just wrapped on a month long project called “Best of the West” where the Adventure Squad visited sites like Yosemite National Park, Tenaya Lake, South Lake Tahoe, and Crater Lake National Park.

Now they’re back at their home base in Hermosa Beach, Los Angeles, hanging out and exploring the city.

The three will never stop adventuring. In one Best of the West Episode, Kahana mentions, “I think it’s really important to get out of LA to maintain a balance of the craziness that that city provides. There’s something about LA that doesn’t always feel true, and it’s just nice to pull away.”