The toughest collar available for working dogs.

Free Repairs

even if your pup destroys it

Handmade in Colorado

in small batches

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ID (Los Angeles, US)
Built for Strong Dogs!

My boy Titus just received his collar today, via USPS. It came with a guarantee card and APC sticker. The color looks deeper in person, it's precisely constructed, and there is five rows of stitching along the entire collar. I believe I have OCD, so I noticed the buckle is two different shades of black, but who cares about that when the construction is what matters most, and trust me it appears to be designed not to break. As Titus and I went out for a brief walk I immediately felt its comfort and strength. I was concerned about the D-Ring not being strong enough in case we see cats, but I am now convinced. For once in my life I feel I spent my money wisely.

Anonymous (Portland, US)
Great Collar

This is the 3rd thing I’ve purchased from Atlas Pet Co. and it did not disappoint. This collar is very well made, sturdy (essential for our rough and tumble girl) and looks very nice. Her 1st big girl collar for her 1st birthday. 🙂

Andrew (Denver, US)
Incredible collar

This collar is everything I was looking for and more. The webbing is super strong yet soft and comfortable for my pup. I am a search and rescue K9 handler so I love the embroidered name plate that can’t get ripped off like a tag. The tag ring that’s tucked away to keep things snag free is such a genius design too.

OSCAR C. (Dacula, US)
Lifetime Pro Collar

The sturdy collar known as the Lifetime Pro Collar is crafted with durability in mind. Comprised of top-notch materials, it holds up seamlessly against the energetic and spirited nature of my beloved dog.

Anonymous (Carteret, US)
Decent collar

I really like the. collar very much for my boy dog I just wish there were more vibrant colors for female dogs. What I love about the collar is the toughness of it.