Ambassador Feature: Breeze Turner

Ambassador Feature: Breeze Turner | Atlas Pet Company
Behind every leash we make, every collar we ship, is someone like you. We’re a brand built on dog people. Our family extends far beyond Atlas, with a team of Ambassadors who embody our vision and brand every day.
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We recently featured APC Ambassador @breezeturner on our Instagram story. A native of the Caribbean Islands, Breeze Turner lives a life just as adventurous as her roots. Active at heart, Breeze’s love of paddleboarding and travel are apparent in the tales she shares through her stunning Instagram account. Bringing along nearly 60,000 followers, Breeze spends her time lakeside, oceanside, and everywhere in between—always with her golden retriever Marley.
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In her pursuit of an active and canine-accompanied lifestyle, Breeze embodies the spirit and mission of Atlas Pet Company. Follow her and Marley on Instagram to see their next adventure, and to catch a glimpse of @atlaspetcompany in the wild.