The treat bag built for training active pups.

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Walter C. (Bellingham, US)
The Perfect Pouch

The APC and Topo Designs collaboration was exactly what I was looking for... I've long used Topo Designs duffle bags and backpacks... I was thrilled to get see a treat bag with such high quality.

R.C. (Somerset, US)
Decent, was expecting more.

First the bag looks very well made and looks like it will last. It's got a wide mouth and is deep enough for a good amount of treats. My only gripe is that it doesn't have a belt hook. That wouldn't be so bad if the opening for the built in belt was larger to fit a regular belt though. Now I have extra things wrapped around me on my hikes.

Michelle C. (Calhan, US)
TOPO Designs Treat Bag Perfection

This simple treat bag is perfect for training my Colorado pup indoors and out! No more stained pockets or fumbling to treat in a timely manner. The bag can be located front, back, hip wherever I need it. The depth is ideal for any combination of goodies my pup prefers. Cleaning is a cinch. The strap adjusts over my winter gear no problem. The bag even acts as a hand warmer when the training weather gets brisk. I always keep the bag ready to go! It would be a wonderful gift as well.

Ashley K. (Las Vegas, US)
Great treat bag for puppy training

When you get a puppy, it feels like there's a hundred things that you 'have' to buy. I think that this is one thing that you should purchase to ensure that you have a constant supply of treats on hand to reward your pet for good behavior. The best way to associated the good for you dog to to reward within 5 seconds, and the only way to do that is with your treats on your body. This bag was the best looking I could find. It has helped so much with training, and I don't mind having it on me all the time. If you have experience climbing, it's just like a chalk bag- but a different lining. Couldn't recommend more.

Landon K. (Honolulu, US)
very practical and looks nice

I like that the opening of the bag is wide and allows easy access to treats. It’s really great for training and looks cool, too.

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