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Lifetime Lite Leash

$ 49.60 $ 62.00

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Lifetime Lite Leash


$ 49.60 $ 62.00
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While our original Lifetime Leash is built to be the toughest, longest-lasting leash available, we know not everyone is hard on their gear and might prefer more features. Our Lifetime Lite adjustable leash allows for the most flexibility across every adventure.
The handle's magnetic buckle allows for easily attaching it to a bench or pole, or adjusted it to allow for hands-free walking by securing it around your waist.  Since it's adjustable from 3ft to 7ft, you can keep them close by or let them explore a little. The stainless swivel clip is a little lighter but just as strong, and the chrome D-ring let's you secure accessories.
While none of our gear is totally chew-proof, if you're looking for something more durable we'd still recommend our original Lifetime Leash.

    lifetime warranty atlas pet company guaranteed for life even if your pup destroys it

    Guaranteed for life, even if your pup destroys it.®
    Read the full warranty here.

    - 1" Nylon Webbing
    - Adjustable length from 3' to 7'
    - Accessory D-Ring near handle
    - 316 Stainless Steel Swivel Clip

    - Handmade in Golden, Colorado

    Hands-free convenience combined with an adjustable length allow the Lite to be more versatile, although less durable.

    Hands-free leash adjusts to fit every adventure.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 111 reviews
    Virginia T. (Chicago, US)
    Lifetime Lite Leash

    My dog frequently gets his leg caught in this leash due to it being two separate pieces. I wish there was more of a padded handle as that would be more comfortable when using the hand action. Easy to use as a belted leash and is secure. Love the color and size too.

    Alexandria M. (Hendersonville, US)
    Stands up to sharknado

    Got this for my teething shepherd mix who gnaws on everything. There's not a frayed thread on it! I also love how lightweight it is. The magnetic buckle is way more handy than I expected. I wanted to try it on the leash before I tried the Lifetime Lite collar. No complaints at all, I love it.

    Mike D. (Estes Park, US)
    Great lead for my pup!

    I recently purchased the Atlas leash, and really love it. The adjustable options are exactly what I was looking for and I love the magnetic buckle. The leash is also made of substantial webbing and I'm positive will last us a long time!

    Macrina S. (Hawthorne, US)
    Sturdy and easy to use

    Love the lifetime light leash. Super easy to use with our puppy, and great option to tie around your waist if you want to be hands free

    heidi j. (Ypsilanti, US)
    Great complement to Lifetime leash

    Love the color, the adjustable length and the quality. Have used it for walking and rollerblading with excellent results!

    Caryn M. (Lowell, US)
    My go-to leash

    I have been using this leash for a few months now (now that my puppy is better with loose leash walking) and I love it. My partner and I have used this leash probably 90% of the time compared to other traditional leashes we own. The ability to quickly adjust to a traditional hand loop, waist belt, as a tether at outdoor restaurants or even cross body is amazing. Took a few tries at first to figure out how to adjust to meet our preferences, but now we can make changes in a minute or two and we're ready to go. The magnetic clasp is incredibly convenient and durable. The only thing I will say is that one time our dog did become unhooked from the front-clip to his harness and we weren't sure if it was the clasp on the leash or user error. Otherwise, this leash is amazing and I love using the D-ring to tie an emergency poop bag around too. Can't recommend this leash enough! So worth the price.

    K.H.T. (Vienna, US)
    Awesome leash

    Great leash and super versatile. Can't wait to get future products.

    Jamie (Philadelphia, US)
    The Only Leash You Need

    I cycle through a few different leashes - one for walks where I need a tighter lead for more control, a longer one for when there's more open space, etc. This one ticks all of the boxes with how adjustable it is, and how quick and easy it is to adjust length. I also love that I can loop it around my waste or make a small loop that I can clip on to my fanny pack to be hands free. The buckle is awesome, super secure but also really easy to unclip. I was a little deterred by the price initially but this will literally be the only leash I ever use moving forward so well worth it imo.

    Fran G. (Phoenix, US)
    Love Atlas Dog Gear

    I am totally satisfied with #atlaspetcomany. I have different colors and leashes that my dog own. Costumer service has been great and responsive. Lifetime warranty is true and the company will care for your gear that has been damaged or destroyed by your dog. I am very pleased. Thanks #apcdog

    Stephen S. (Chino Valley, US)
    Excellent leash, simple to use and easy on the hands

    We've always had round leashes and Dalmatians that pull hard on walks, so we wanted to try the flat collar/leash/harness combo from Atlas.

    The first thing that I noticed with Aurora our Dalmatian is that her pull doesn't hurt my fingers nearly as much as the round leashes in the past. It is also amazingly quick to take up or let it out, depending on the circumstance on the trail. After just a couple of times bringing Raven our young Malinois in close when hikers approached on the trail, I found that not only was it easy, but it communicated what I needed to Raven faster than telling her. It was the same after the hiker had passed letting the leash out for her to smell – just give her more leash and she will take it until feeling the end of it and respecting it.

    I think that it is more comfortable and reassuring for the dogs as well – the pressure is less sharp and communicates more through the flat of the webbing, so they are more relaxed all the way through the walks and get to experience more.

    The small details just make the user experience easy and simple – like the snap on the leash and triangle tab on the harness and collar. Aim the snap at the side of the tab while holding it at the base and with almost no effort the snap positively clicks home, letting you know that your dog is secure with no fuss.