atlas pet company pink lifetime leash guaranteed for life made from premium climbing rope backed by lifetime warranty

Lifetime Leash

Meet the last leash you’ll ever need.
No, really. We mean it. That’s what happens when you put ultra-premium rope to good use. It becomes that thing you never forget to pack, the one that goes next to the hiking boots and beach towel every time you and your dog load up the car. The thing that, once you get where you’re going, lets your feet—and paws—hit the ground running.

Built with premium-grade climbing rope, the woven structure provides greater resistance to chewing and is specifically engineered for both wet and dry conditions. 

Like all APC products, the Lifetime Leash is guaranteed for life, even if your pup destroys it.®

Stainless Steel Lobster Clip
Premium 9mm Climbing Rope
Marine-grade, Chew-Resistant Rope Clamp
Handmade in Golden, Colorado

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 309 reviews
    Dog ate it

    Although the leash is well put together looks really strong but my 8 month old Chewed thru it other than that it was great it was really mad at the dog

    Love this leash!

    Got this leash a couple months ago and it has been awesome. It is sturdy and easy to wash after hiking or beach days. It is the perfect length to let our husky explore and easy to pull in when she wants to walk closer by my side. Love the color as well!

    Lifetime leash

    Living the new lifetime leash!! Holds up great - looks like new despite her love of chewing on it!

    Great leash!

    Love this leash! The color is beautiful and the quality is great. I really like the thickness of the leash. My husky is a puller and the leash still feels comfortable in my hand. So great that there is a lifetime warranty!

    Thank You!

    My little girl, a cross between an Australian Shepherd and a cattle dog, has the sharpest teeth, a love of chewing all things, and enough energy to power a small village. I never knowingly let her chew her leash but she was able to chew through other leashes in mere moments it seemed. She went through 5 leashes, costing well over $100, in less than two months. In full disclosure, I never pictured myself spending more than $50 for a leash, but it has been worth every penny. In the several weeks I've had it, although she has tried to chew on the rope and the buckles, the leash still looks as new as the day it came in the mail. I can't recommend Atlas Pet Company strongly enough. Simply, you will not be disappointed!

    Pleasantly Surprised!

    Great packaging, high quality material, bright color and very easy to use on my Labradoodle.

    Can’t wait to buy more!

    We just got Roo last week and she’s already such a good walker with this leash! Great quality and durable (even with her in the teething phase). We are definitely going to be getting the harness and collar as well

    Hobo Tough 🐾

    Hobo loves to play tug with his leash when he is really excited. This leash is amazing so far! Seems very sturdy and has held up to my Hobo!!

    Excellent leash!

    Very sturdy, durable, just the right length, and with a secure clasp. Highly recommended.

    M dog got loose when the more common type of clasp on our previous leash somehow came off her collar. I found the ABC leash, which looked perfect for us. I have not been disappointed.

    Un leashed!

    Great product. Love their stuff!