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Matthew E. (Atlanta, US)
Freeze Tag

Th freeze tag was just what was needed! It really works to stop all the jingling from multiple tags. When my dog shakes off now, all you hear are her ears flapping.

Wantzone (Kennett Square, US)
My Boston enjoys not letting other animals know he's coming

My Boston Terrier is so quiet with his FreezeTag Pet Tag Holder.
Holds his tags in place with no noise, he's able to sneak up on other "animals". This is the second tag holder I have owned.
The first tag holder lasted 3 years of rough abuse. This one will probably outlast the first one.

Rick S. (Allen, US)
New Setup

I bought a new Lifetime collar & a freeze tag for Ms. Riley to go with a new harness I had bought. It all looks & works great especially with the seat belt strap. She feels more secure in the SUV now and so do I.
The freeze tag is great but she only has one tag so not a lot of jingling anyway.
On the collar, she’s probably between the 18” and 20” size which takes a little getting used to visually with some slack in it vs. the traditional adjustable collar. She seems very comfortable with it all.

LAD (Waynesboro, US)

Ode to the sound of silence

Yeon C. (Sacramento, US)
Perfect for my puppy.

Finally found perfect set.
I bought several different collars and leashes but nothing like those one.
With teg holder, working well and looking good.
I am so glad to find this company!