Lifetime Collar


Designed for dogs that primarily use harnesses, this premium collar is a fixed length and slips directly over your dog's head. Due to the fixed size, it's easy to take the collar off when you want, while still staying secure during your most active adventures. 

Built with premium-grade climbing rope, the woven structure provides greater resistance to chewing and is specifically engineered for both wet and dry conditions. 

We've designed the Lifetime Collar to be the last collar you’ll ever need - and we mean it. Whether your pup outgrows the fixed length or just has a rough day and destroys it, it's guaranteed for life.

Fixed length, available in 4 sizes
Designed for use with a harness 
Built for wet & dry conditions
Handmade in Colorado

Due to the fixed size of the collar, please measure slightly looser than your standard collar to make sure it fits.  

 Size Chart

    Customer Reviews

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    The main reason why we chose it, was it being loose and for tag purposes only. :)
    Charlotte has a harness for her walks/outdoor time, so a thick or tight collar was feeling unnecessary and getting in the way of the harness.
    Of course, being so loose makes the tag move more and make more noise, but it's just something we need to get used to and enjoy the sound as she's running around the house. We can always change the tag. :)
    Overall, a great purchase. I wish it could be a little bit adjustable, but overall it's great.

    Hey Charlie, Thanks for the review, I’m glad to hear you like the gear! I’ve been using a tag silencer I found on amazon to help with the extra noise from the looser collar that works really well! You can check it out here: Lion Royal Dog Tag Clip, Dog Tag Silencer Easily Change Plastic Pet ID Tag Holder for Dogs & Cats Collars and Harnesses. (Black) Hope this helps! Thanks again, Sam

    We love the collar and leash!
    Great quality and color.
    Bodie is very happy:)

    5 stars

    I really love the collars. I like them so much I'm ordering 2 more,this time in pink.hope you have them available I saw some people were not able to get pink

    Big jump from L to XL

    This is our second lifetime collar. Not because the first one failed. But because the Large was just a little too snug for our big Blue Gascon hound. So we gave that one to our slightly less stocky Bluetick boy and bought her an XL. Problem is the XL was too big! Fortunately, hacking these collars is pretty easy to do, thanks to the two Phillips screws that hold them together. So I took it apart, hacked a few inches off the paracord and put it back together again. But not before sealing the ends of the paracord with a hot knife, just to be safe. (Sorry for outing your hidden secret Atlas. But seriously: Sealing those ends before pinching them into their clamp is probably a good idea and should only cost you pennies per unit.)
    So if you like the look and feel of these but find yourself in between sizes, don't despair. Just order a size up and cut down as needed, like I did. Or better yet, maybe Atlas could offer a custom made-to-size option too some day!

    Only collar he’ll wear

    He won’t let me put anyone of his other collars on him. Period.
    And he gives me the squinty eye look if I try.

    Lifetime Collar

    This collar is as good as advertised. I ordered the M and it fits perfectly (not too tight). The loose fitting also look adds a bit of style! If theres a knock it is that the red is not as dark a red as I would have liked. It is more of a bright coral or crimson color than it is a true red. But this is only a minor issue and does not take away from the overall quality! I will likely be shopping again for the leash and harness!

    Apollo loves his new collar!

    Awesome collar that easy to slide on and off. I love the fact that Atlas will replace it no matter what, even if he outgrows it. It speaks volumes that about the company, its products and people.

    Exactly what I hoped for

    The collar is exactly as described and what I was hoping for. The color is great and the material is clearly very durable. I got the large size for my 9 month old golden retriever who weighs around 60 lbs and it fits well (definitely loose and I wouldn't use it on a walk with a leash as I'd be worried it would come off, but we use harnesses for the most part anyways). I like that she will grow into it. We also bought the leash and the harness and both are also excellent. We've gotten lots of compliments on the look of it not surprisingly, but also have had other dogs tug on her collar at the dog park and love that it's both holding up well and knowing that if it does get destroyed it has a lifetime warranty. Highly recommend!

    Tuff yet elegant

    I bought the Trifecta leash ,harness, collar all built to last no wonder, it’s lifetime I see it lasting so , the feel of the leash is what stood out to me at first it is so soft and silky smooth easy on the wrist and skin when he pulls a little The collar isn’t adjustable the only downside but honestly I wouldn’t see how you would get the strength and durability without it being one piece they are in the process of exchanging it now so customer service with return or replacement is top notch And to me that’s most important!!!!!!! I recommend this company to all


    Can this collar be exchanged if she out grows it?

    Yep! You can send it in and we’ll replace the rope with the next size up.