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Lifetime Harness

$ 62.40 $ 78.00

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Lifetime Harness

Small (15-35lbs)

$ 62.40 $ 78.00
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We've improved on the classic no-pull harness design by utilizing the highest-quality materials available to create a lightweight, quick-drying, and ultra-adjustable harness you and your dog will both love. With its simple magnetic buckle design, it’s easy for both you and your pup to be secured safely. Every detail has been considered, from using Gore® Tenara thread for longevity to outward-facing seams for comfort. Combined with chest, back, and belly adjustments, you’re able to create the perfect fit to prevent chafing and slippage other harnesses are known for. 

handmade in Colorado icon atlas pet company build by hand in golden colorado

lifetime warranty atlas pet company guaranteed for life even if your pup destroys it

Guaranteed for life, even if your pup destroys it.®
Read the full warranty here.

- Heavy duty 1" reflective nylon webbing

- Reinforced outward-facing seams using Gore® Tenara thread

- Quick-release magnetic buckle

- Martingale-style chest loop that reduces pulling

- Handmade in Golden, Colorado

Video: Fitting the Lifetime Harness® on your pup

Atlas is a 75lb Labrador and wears a Medium

To build the best no-pull harness that's easy to put on and comfortable for your pup.

No-pull harness designed for active dogs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 341 reviews
K.J. (Algonquin, US)
Fabulous harness

I have a Samoyed and a Husky. They are sled dogs and I was tired of being the sled they dragged around on walks. I have tried many front clip harnesses and none have fit them this well. The magnetic closure is so easy to use. I was initially concerned about it opening on its own but months of use (without issue) has put that to rest. Zero issues with their fur being pulled out or stuck in the closure and/or seams which is something I regularly dealt with using other brand harnesses. All inside seams are smooth so they won’t experience scratches either. Did I say I tried a ton of others before finding Atlas?! I highly recommend this harness.

Karen P. (Isle of Palms, US)
Best purchase I ever made

I have bad knees and can’t tolerate being pulled, not to mention the back pain too! I first bought Chloe the leash and was so impressed that I wanted to get the harness once she stopped growing. (She’s 10 months). It saved the wear and tear on my knees - I’m 60 - so I can enjoy going for walks on the beach.

Gale B. (Redmond, US)
Love it!

For a senior with arthritic fingers, this harness isa godsend. It it light and love that it’s reflective. My 45lb lab puppy has room to grows out should last through adulthood. I can’t wait to show it to my trainer who recommends a front hook harness for strong pullers. Thanks so much for making walks easier

M.P. (Chicago, US)
Best Harness Ever

Love the quality, fit, and no pull design. Best harness I have ever owned.

John S. (Alpine, US)
Great product

My rottweiler loves her new harness. This product is the highest quality and easy to use.

Christina W. (Fort Myers, US)
Quality Harness

My pup is a 53 lb bull terrier mix . I bought the medium size harness. It took a couple or three adjustments to find the right fit for her body type. The strap that goes around her belly is almost all the way let out and the front straps are almost all the way let out. I think it fits well now. She will pull if a cat or a chicken crosses in front of us as she has a very strong prey drive so we are “working “ on those times. Otherwise, she walks very nicely with this harness so I can keep a loose leash. I really like the quick release, easy on easy off. I like the minimalist style and the quality is very good. Pricey, but I think it’s worth the extra $. It’s made here in the USA which is another plus. Not in China!

Alexander P. (New York, US)
Easy mechanism

Lua's harness fits her perfectly and blends in with her black curly fur. The mechanism for attaching the harness is the best I've ever seen.

Sarah C. (New York, US)
Solid harness

This harness has been a great fit for our fast-walking [pulling] pup. It has a great design and is so easy to get on and off. Because our dog is quite the puller, we have some issues with the straps staying in position - they tend to loosen up over the walk - but not the biggest deal. Would definitely recommend!

Hazy (Playa del Rey, US)
Awesome Harness

We absolutely love our new Atlas harness for its fit, sleek look, and non-slip design. Other harnesses were too bulky, poor design and wouldn't stay in place. This harness has been a game changer for our active golden doodle pup. We are so thankful and are constantly recommending this product to all of our other doods.

c.w. (Houston, US)
This works!

I cannot figure out why this works but it really does--no more getting yanked around and pulling and tugging and misery. I don't get how or why it works so well, but it does.